Review – Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary #2 (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary #2
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  • Art - 8/10
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Writer: Donny Cates & Matthew Rosenberg

Script: Matthew Rosenberg

Artist: Niko Henrichon

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Maturity Rating: Teen +

Release: November 21, 2018

Who is behind making all the heroes and most the villains of the Marvel Universe forget who they were? Is this all Doctor Doom’s doing or is there something else at play?

“The Memory Remains” Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary #2


In the first issue of the new mini-series celebrating 20 years since the launch of Marvel Knights, we learned who could possibly be behind everyone in the Marvel Universe forgetting who they were. It seems like it is none other than Doctor Doom himself! Is he truly the culprit behind this nefarious plan? In Marvel Knights #2 Frank Castle and Bruce Banner trying to make others remember who they were. As Matt Murdock finally comes to the light of being Daredevil, Elektra is not so accepting!


With Marvel Knights #2 (of 6) I am starting to dig this story. Donny Cates and Matthew Rosenberg throw is some nice little twist in this issue and it feels a little more cohesive now that issue #1 is out of the way. We get a little flashback of how Bruce Banner and Frank Castle became unlikely partners and there is some great storytelling in those pages.

We don’t really get into why the heroes forgot who they were in Marvel Knights #2. That teaser from the previous issue with Doctor Doom is left dangling. That is a little frustrating as this only being six issues, it doesn’t push the main narrative along very much. Cates and Rosenberg do play a little with if the heroes even want to remember who they were with this issue. It is an interesting aspect to think about as the story progresses on.

Marvel Knights #2 (of 6) 20th Anniversary Edition, Sneak Peek
Marvel Knights #2 (of 6) 20th Anniversary Edition, Sneak Peek – Artist Nich Henrichon


Niko Henrichon handles all of the art duties in Marvel Knights #2; Henrichon has a fantastic style for this series! It is very “scratchy” with all the lines and ink marks he leaves on the pages. It gives the issue a gritty and rough feel that is perfect for this story. The little darker color palette also helps tremendously in setting the tone for the issue. Henrichon has wonderful characters work as well. Great cartooning in the characters faces and the action scenes have a great “energy” to them. The characters feel like they are gliding across the pages and you can feel the impact from the combat.

There is only one scene that stands out because it is not good and it is a full page scene so it is kind of noticeable. Daredevil shows up standing on a car. It is supposed to be one of those heroic surprises with a great reveal, but the perspective makes it feel awkward. Daredevil is standing on a car and he looks like a giant! The car looks tiny and his body just looks massive in comparison to everything around him. It is only one scene out of many fantastic scenes but it is big and very noticeable. Other than that I really loved the art.


Marvel Knights #2 (of 6) is turning into a pretty good little mini-series. Donny Cates and Matthew Rosenberg continue to let this story slowly develop and simmer. The rotating artist for each issue also keeps me interested. I would normally like a single artist but it feels it feels like having a different artist with each issue fits the tone of the series well. Niko Henrichon delivered some great pages in this issue and I am excited to see what Damian Couceiro brings with the next issue!

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