Review – Marvel Monsters #1 (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Monsters #1 (Marvel Comics) variant cover (detail) by Superlog
Marvel Monsters #1
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Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Scott Hepburn
Color Artist: Israel Silva
Letterer: Gaigan-Yamazaki
Maturity Rating: Parental Advisory
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 28th, 2019

A boy and his mutant power to create monsters gallantly strive to build a better world free of villainy. Unfortunetly, there are others out there that have different ideas. Kid Kaiju draws a line in the sand and seeks to use his powers of artistic might to right the wrongs of bad guys everywhere!


They Did the Mash! It’s Marvel Monsters #1

This mash-up promotes a grand scale kids’ fantasy in a very big and exciting fashion. We have a simple concept here of boy meets monsters. Kei Kawade (AKA Kid Kaiju) has the enviable ability to be able to bring his artistic creations to life. Accompanied by his sketches, he keeps the bad beasts of the world in check with his unique and powerful talent. Marvel Monsters #1 opens with a bombastic display of what is to come with this promising concept.

Writing and Story

Marvel Monsters #1 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Nick Bradshaw
Marvel Monsters #1 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Nick Bradshaw

We can glean little from a first issue story-wise; we can only really judge how it establishes the world it is presenting. Our set-up for this is that Kid Kaiju is not the only one who is creating monsters. A rival is emerging and it is a rival with a family lineage to uphold.

The implication with the narrative tells us that this rival is a more efficient creator than our hero. An underdog story for our lead that promises a feud that can span several issues.

It is an effective and well-told first issue that does entice a reader to want more. While their method relies on a cliché, it is nonetheless a cliché that is handled intriguingly. Writer Cullen Bunn spits a rapid-fire action comedy in 34 short pages. Good spirited humor and wicked villain dialogue is a fun cocktail.

Art and Presentation

Kei Kawade is a veteran monster wrangler. He is confident in his ability and backed up by a trusted ally, Scragg. The two share an amusing kinship that suggests room for humor down the line. The style of the comic is firmly mired in the realm of comedy with a taster of action splashed in.

This inaugural edition beckons a familiarity to those accustomed to Power Rangers and cartoons of the 1980s. Dripping from the pages is a vintage tone that perfectly complements the beautiful visuals on display. The art of Scott Hepburn is highly pronounced. It would catch the eye of any casual consumer in a comic book store. Israel Silva as the colorist gives a happy medium of prominent vibrancy married with a distinct sickly tone for the beasts.

The large design team pays dividends with their inspiring creations reminiscent of pop-culture creatures of old. A particular favourite of mine is the design of Mangog.


I am firmly in the target audience for this comic. As a kid in the 1990s, I would partake in all monster content I could and often wondered how I would fare with Godzilla by my side. Thankfully, in 2019, I can now live vicariously through Kid Kaiju.

A showcase of gigantic beasts smashing against each other is a winning combination for a comic book. I believe that simplicity is key in terms of success. This theory holds water with comics like this one. From a first-issue perspective, it does everything it needs to do. Vividly striking art on each panel, less-is-more style of writing and an eminently enjoyable hook.

I would recommend Marvel Monsters #1 to those that pride themselves on having seen every episode of Gigantor. A heavily inspired emphasis on japanese creations gives it a flavour different to any Marvel Comic out currently. If you are looking for a change of pace within the Marvel Comics library, this is a great start!


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