Review – Marvel Two-in-One #1 (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Two-in-One #1

The Fate of the Four, Part 1

The biggest question since Secret Wars in the Marvel Universe has been, “What happened to the Fantastic Four?” Reed, Sue and their children were last seen at the end of Secret Wars flying off to recreate the multiverse or something like that, and they have not been seen since. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, went on to join the Inhumans, while Ben Grimm, the ever-lovable blue-eyed Thing, went into space to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. They have not been together for a while and the Fantastic Four have all but been forgotten. Well, Marvel Two-in-One #1 sets out to rectify that!

Marvel Two-in-One #1 cover by Jim Cheung
Marvel Two-in-One #1 cover by Jim Cheung

It seems that Dr. Doom, who has turned over a new leaf since Secret Wars and is trying to do good, has something that Reed Richards left behind–something that only the Thing can access, something that may bring back the Fantastic Four! Ben is going to need Johnny Storm’s help if he plans on going on this adventure, but now, with their strained relationship and Johnny going through his own troubles, can they come back together? And is Dr. Doom really going to help bring back his greatest nemesis? Find all this out in Marvel Two-in-One #1.

Chip Zdarsky does a superb job of writing and scripting Marvel Two-in-One #1. I am not sure what I was expecting from this issue, but it has a lot of heart. You really feel for the loss that Ben and Johnny have gone through, losing their family. Zdarsky also does a great job of setting everything up and getting the story going. It is a really good first issue; yes, it is a lot of set-up, but all the pieces he puts into play really have me excited to continue on with this series!


Jim Cheung’s pencils look good throughout Marvel-Two-in-One #1; he has a nice rougher style that reminds me a little bit of John Romita Jr.’s art style, except not as boxy or as angular. Cheung has a little bit more detail and his characters have a little sleeker feel to them, but it still has that Romita Jr. feeling to it. The Thing can be a tricky character to draw, as there is not much to him or his design; I love how Cheung gives a heft or weight to the character that really makes him feel like the “rock monster” he is.

The inks may have more to do with that Romita Jr. feel than anything. There are two different inkers credited in Marvel Two-in-One #1: John Dell with Walden Wong. I am not sure of the breakdown between the two but some pages do feel a little more tightly inked while other pages have a more “scratchy” feel to them.

Frank Martin’s colors look great throughout the issue. He gets a lot to play with; from Johnny’s flames to Dr. Doom’s green energy, he really makes each of those stand out on the pages, and he also nails the darker tones of the issue and really sets the mood for each scene. All in all, it is good comic-book art, great to look at, depicts the characters well and enhances the story.


I was very surprised by Marvel Two-in-one #1; it is a very emotional story and hits all the beats a book about the Fantastic family needs to. Anybody complaining about Marvel not having the Fantastic Four on the roster needs to be picking this up, as it is obviously leading to some big things to come. With Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm back together on the hunt for their family, with Dr. Doom being “helpful”, it is going to be a wild adventure for sure.

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