Review – Marvel Two-in-One #3 (Marvel Comics)

The Search for the Four Continues in Marvel Two-in-One #3

Ben Grimm’s little lie continues in Marvel Two-in-One #3. You see, back in the first issue, Ben found Johnny Storm and wanted to convince him to join up again. Johnny, obviously heartbroken over losing his family and now losing his powers, wanted no part. That is until Dr. Doom revealed Reed had hidden a device that could travel through multi-verses! Oh, and Ben might have told Johnny that Reed had contacted him and his family was still alive to lift Johnny’s spirits. Yeah, that is a pretty big lie and is totally not going to come back and bite the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing at all!

Marvel Two-in-One #3 Cover by Jim CheungAfter a back and forth with Dr. Doom, The Thing and Johnny Storm find Reed’s device he has hidden, but now in Marvel Two-in-One #3, they must figure out why Johnny’s powers are fading before the adventuring begins. Another Marvel hero leads them to a mysterious woman who may figure out why the Human Torch’s powers are fading. Dr. Doom pays a visit to the Mad Thinker who has become obsessed with the disappearance of Reed Richards. 


Chip Zdarsky is doing a fantastic job with this Marvel Two-in-One series. He nails the voices of The Thing and Human Torch. The dialogue is spot on for both characters. He balances the comedy within the storytelling well, not letting it overtake the story being told. I am loving the story being told, because The Thing, just wanting his friend back and struggling with the lie he has told to get him back, really eats at your heart. Seeing Johnny struggle with losing his family and power is another heartbreaking storyline. 

The whole overarching story is wonderful as well, and I love seeing Dr. Doom slowly coming back to his evil ways and playing the “long game” in the background. Zdarsky has me very interested to see how the story will eventually play out. I have high hopes they will eventually find the rest of the Four, but what toll will it take on Ben and Johnny’s friendship? Zdarsky just has me excited for the adventure at hand, and I am ready to see what happens when they travel into the multi-verse!


Valerio Schiti does some beautiful work in Marvel Two-in-One #3. Now, I am not a fan of rotating artists especially when Jim Cheung has done a great job on the first two issues, but Schiti’s style is similar to Cheung and is great in its own right. Schiti has great facial expressions and cartooning throughout this issue. The looks on the characters’ faces are absolutely perfect and help the story being told. I love the energy and emotion Schiti gets from the characters. The layout of the book helps a lot also, and there is quite a bit of talking and explaining done in Marvel Two-in-One #3. Schitti balances all that well, and he also shows great “flow” and “movement” with all the characters. No scene feels static or like a still image on the page.

Having Frank Martin on colors helps tremendously on having the art shifts not feel that jarring. The colors are as cool and vibrant as the other issues. I still love the green coloring Martin uses for Dr. Doom; it looks great on the pages.


Marvel Two-in-One is a superb comic book series. It has action, drama, and an intriguing storyline that will keep the reader wishing for more. Johnny Storm finds out why his powers are on the frits, and it might not be the answer he is looking for. The Thing continues to struggle with the lies he has told. Could Reed, Sue and the kids really be alive and well? There is only one way to find out: to explore the Multi-verse, and it starts in Marvel Two-in-One #3

P.S. There is a “Where is Wolverine” thing at the end by Carlos Pacheco and Rafael Fonteriz, just to let you know.

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