Review – Marvel Two-in-One #5 (Marvel Comics)

Dr. Galactus Looms in Marvel Two-in-One #5

The “Three” (The Thing, Human Torch, and Dr. Rachna Koul) have found themselves in quite the conundrum in Marvel Two-in-One #5. They have arrived in a new multiverse not that much different from their own world. Well, one big change is that Dr. Doom has merged with Galactus, and he has devoured the entire universe except for this Earth! And wouldn’t you know it, he is coming right when our team is visiting. This universe may not hold the Reed and Sue our group is looking for, but it is up to them to rally the heroes to stop this world from being destroyed.


Marvel Two-in-One #5 Marvel Comics cover by Nick Bradshaw
cover by Nick Bradshaw

I love what Chip Zdarsky has been doing in Marvel Two-in-One so far, the past issues have set up a very intriguing story. The search for Reed and Sue, which, now that Marvel has announced a new Fantastic Four series coming, obviously spoils that they will find them. It will still be interesting to see how Johnny reacts to Ben lying to him throughout this series. I am also enjoying what Zdarsky is doing with Dr. Rachna Koul; she has her own motives for going on this multiverse adventure that are teased once again in Marvel Two-in-One #5 and I am very interested to see what she is trying to figure out.

This issue is a ton of fun also. Zdarsky continues to write some wonderful dialogue and has made this series a ton of fun to read. All the characters have their own voice and he writes the Thing superbly well. The scenes between this universe’s Reed Richards and the 616 Ben Grimm are fantastically done by Zdarsky. 


Valerio Schiti also continues to do some tremendous work in Marvel Two-in-One #5. Those scenes between this alt universe Reed Richards and 616 the Thing are wonderfully illustrated. Schiti nails all of the emotions the characters are feeling—from anger to grief, you can feel all of that emotion from Schiti’s cartooning. Combine Schiti’s wonderfully expressive line work and tight inking with some tremendous coloring work by Frank Martin, and Marvel Two-in-One is a beautiful issue to look at. Martin’s colors add a texture and layers to the characters and scenery that makes the illustrations pop off the pages.

One of the best things about alternate universe stories is you get to see how artists interpret our well-known heroes in this “new” world. Schiti does not disappoint in this issue. Schiti gives slight tweaks and changes to some well-known heroes that look great and it is just fun to see. If you look closely in the background of some pages you can see some pretty cool new costumes and looks for some Marvel heroes.


Marvel Two-in-One is a tremendously fun series! It combines action, adventure, and comedy with a little mystery all into one jam-packed story. Combining some superb writing with beautiful artwork, Marvel Two-in-One becomes the Fantastic Four series that we have all been missing in our lives. Seriously, if you are one of those people that have been complaining about not having a FF series you should be reading this. If you are not, and are still complaining, well, shame on you!

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