Review – Marvel Two-in-One #6 (Marvel Comics)

The Adventure Continues in Marvel Two-in-One #6

We previously left our heroes in a peculiar situation. Attempting to find Sue and Reed, they traveled to an alternate Universe; they found their family, but not the right ones. But this Universe had more problems. It seems their Dr. Doom combined with their version of Galactus and was threatening to destroy this Universe! With Dr. Koul nowhere to be found, Ben and Johnny want to help but they are not sure what to do. That is, until the main Marvel Universe (are we still calling it 616?) shows up with a plan. Has Dr. Doom really turned into a good guy or does he have ulterior motives? And what,  exactly, is Dr. Koul up to? Find out in Marvel Two-in-One #6.


Marvel Two-in-One #6 (Marvel Comics) cover by Jim Cheung
Marvel Two-in-One #6 (Marvel Comics) cover by Jim Cheung

Chip Zdarsky continues to do some wonderful story work in Marvel Two-in-One #6. This series has been a great combination of action/adventure and mystery. It has been great fun to see Johnny and Ben in this alternate universe/dimension. Zdarsky does a fantastic job with all the character interactions and the emotions coming from them. Zdarsky once again does a great job of balancing comedy and drama and making this series a blast to read.

I am loving the mystery in this series, also. Recently announcing the new Fantastic Four series obviously puts a little damper on the whole “will they find Reed, Sue, and the kids,” but that is okay. The real mystery is what is happening with Dr. Koul. She is obviously searching for something and not telling Ben and Johnny about it. Zdarsky has done a great job of planting little seeds of doubt about her and he continues to do it with this issue. Also, the mystery of Dr. Doom being good and if he will eventually turn back to his evil ways is interesting?

I am still wondering a little about the Mad Thinker; he was shown and confronted by Dr. Doom in issue #3, but nothing has happened with him since then. I do also feel like I missed something in between this issue and the previous issue. While reading Marvel Two-in-One #6 the story made sense but it just felt like something was missing from it. It felt like something happened and I missed it or it was never explained? One minute Johnny and Ben are visiting a depowered Norrin Radd and his wife Emma Frost, and the next there is all this stuff going on.


Jim Cheung is back on pencils and Walden Wong is back on inks in Marvel Two-in-One #6. They have not been on the series since issue #2; Valerio Schiti has been holding down the fort. Cheung brings a little more angular “blocky” style that reminds me of John Romita Jr. but with more detail. Walden Wong does a great job of bringing out little details with his inks. The armor of different characters stands out with nice little touches. Cheung and Wong have some fantastic pages throughout Marvel Two-in-One #6. I cannot say much about them without spoiling them, but you will know them when you see them. I will say I do miss Valerio Schiti’s more dynamic style—I was really enjoying what Schiti had been doing. But I am also not going to complain. Each artist brings something different to the table and all the artists working on this series have been superb.

Frank Martin continues on colors and having Martin on the book helps Marvel Two-in-One keep consistency with the changeup in the artists. There is a style difference switching between Schiti and Cheung/Wong, but Frank Martin holds it together to make it not too disruptive to the flow of the book.


I may have small hang-ups here and there about this series but all in all it is consistently fun and engaging. Chip Zdarsky continues to balance the action/adventure, mystery, and comedy well, keeping the reader interested and on the edge of their seat. The art is wonderful as well; changeup in artists can be bad but when they are all talented it is all good!

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