Review – Marvel Two-in-One #7 (Marvel Comics)

The Truth is Told in Marvel Two-in-One #7

Rachana Koul’s ulterior motive is finally revealed in Marvel Two-in-One #7. She has been up to something since Ben and Johnny came to her concerned about their powers diminishing. She was the one that figured out that their powers were tied to Sue and Reed. But since they started multiverse-hopping she has been notably absent every time the gang lands in a new universe. With Dr. Doom’s arrival and joining of the three’s team, he is not playing Rachana’s games (see Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1). Her secret is out, but that is not all Ben and Johnny have to worry about. This new world they are on does not take kindly to strangers and the Spider is ready to pounce!


Marvel Two-in-One #7 (Marvel Comics) cover by Nick Bradshaw
Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Somehow Chip Zdarsky keeps reeling me in with this series. With the announcement of the New Fantastic Four series coming out shortly and this series ending, we basically know what is happening. That should be a reason for me not to read this series, but Zdarsky has me super invested in this story. I truly wanted to know what Dr. Koul was up to and the reveal is very satisfying in Marvel Two-in-One #7. Zdarsky also has me very interested in seeing how Johnny reacts when Ben tells him that he knows Reed and Sue are dead and that he has basically been bringing him on a wild goose chase. That will probably reconcile when they obviously find them alive, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ben continues to lie to Johnny and keep his hope alive.

Zdarsky also continues to write a wonderful “reformed” Dr. Doom. He has some fantastic dialogue throughout this issue. The plotting is also very well done, the action, mystery, and comedy beats all flow together nicely. Zdarsky is doing some delightful work with this series and he is showing what a diverse writer he is.


The art team changes once again in Marvel Two-in-One #7. This time Ramon K. Perez takes over pencil and inks while Federico Blee is on coloring duty. Perez stays in the same wheelhouse as the other artists on this series. It is not a super drastic change but still noticeable. Perez brings a little more “animated” type style and feeling to the characters. The motions and actions have a little bit more “speed” to them. He does lose some detail with this and the characters’ faces do not really look like what we have been used to. That would be my only major complaint artwise; the facial changes with the switch in the artist is a bit distracting. It is nothing against Perez. If he would have been on this series the whole time, no big deal, but where he hasn’t, it is a little bit of a distraction.

Federico Blee gives Marvel Two-in-One #7 a little brighter feel with his coloring work. It gives the story a little more “pop” to it. The brighter color tone gives this series a little lighter feel to it. It is not a big change but this issue evokes a little “more fun” feeling with the colors than the other issues.


I am loving this series! Zdarsky is doing some fabulous work and paying off on some of the story teasers earlier on in this series (we learn some more about the Mad Thinker also!). The switch-up in artists is probably the biggest downfall of Marvel Two-in-One #7. The art is not bad, just the constant switching is getting a little old with the series only being 7 issues deep. Overall I am truly enjoying this story, and even though I have a general idea of how it will end I still want to see how it gets there!

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