Review – Marvel Two-in-One #4 (Marvel Comics)

The Adventure Begins in Marvel Two-in-One #4

The previous issue of Marvel Two-in-One was jam-packed with new startling discoveries! We found out that not only was Johnny Storm the Human Torch losing his powers but so is the Thing. It turns out that the Fantastic Four’s powers are somewhat connected, and being separated from Reed and Sue is making their powers go away! If this was not shocking enough, it also turns out the Mad Thinker has become obsessed with finding Reed Richards. So obsessed that if he cannot find him, he will become him! In Marvel Two-in-One #4 the two have become three as they have recruited Rachna Koul (the lady who figured out that their powers were connected) to explore the multiverse with them. With the Multisect in hand, the team is off, but what world will they be brought to? Will they find Sue, Reed, and the kids? And it seems Dr. Koul has her own alternative motives for wanting to travel the multiverse.


Chip Zdarsky continues to write a “fantastic” series with Marvel Two-in-One #4. Now that the whole setup is out of the way it feels like this series is ready to let loose. This was tons of fun to read and continued to build on some interesting story concepts. The major thing is what is going to happen when Johnny eventual finds out Ben has been lying to him?  This will eventually come out and cause a rift between the two friends. I won’t spoil anything, but I am very interested as to why Dr. Koul decided to travel with Ben and Johnny.

Marvel Two-in-One #4 (CA) Nick Bradshaw
Two-in-One #4 (CA) Nick Bradshaw

Zdarsky continues to impress with great dialogue and character interactions. For me, he nails the voices of all the characters he writes in this series. He also continues to balance the storytelling well.  He has some funny dialogue, but it does not feel out of place. It also does not take over the more serious aspects of the plot or story.   


Valerio Schiti gets to design some new costumes for the “Fantastic Three” in Marvel Two-in-One #4. For the most part, I like it.  It is nothing spectacular.  Just basically jackets with black pants.  I enjoy the simpler feel to it. The coloring incorporates the white, blue, and black well together, with a simple “4” on the sleeves.

I love the way Schiti draws Ben Grimm, giving him that “thick” power-lifter type body. It looks great and gives the character the heft and weight he needs. Schiti also puts some great details throughout Marvel Two-in-One #4, with some great homages to Jack Kirby throughout this issue.

Frank Martin’s colors also continue to impress in Marvel Two-in-One #4. He has some eye-popping colors on the page when the team is traveling through the multiverse. There are a few pages of flashbacks in this issue.  Martin uses a more muted type color scheme that looks wonderful, making those pages stand out in the issue.


I am really enjoying Marvel Two-in-One.  It has turned into a delightful little series. Zdarsky balances his silliness with the more serious aspects of the story and Schiti and Martin deliver some beautiful art. With the setup out of the way and the team finally exploring the multiverse, exciting things start to happen in Marvel Two-in-One #4. As the team arrives on their first new world, who or what will they find? Only way to find out is to pick up this book!


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