Review – Marvel’s Runaways S01E05: Kingdom

Marvel’s Runaways S01E05: Kingdom

Last Week on Runaways

In last week’s episode of Marvel’s Runaways, Karolina (Virginia Gardner) revealed her powers to Chase (Gregg Sulkin) while the kids try to figure out if their parents are really murderers. Chase then bonded with his father (James Marsters) over Chase’s prototype of the Fistigons, as Molly (Allegra Acosta) was introduced to the Yorkes’ “prehistoric guard dog” (who does not technically have a name yet) and all four of them realize, to their surprise, that Gert (Ariela Barer) can command it. Nico (Lyrica Okano) and Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) discovered that Karolina’s mother (Annie Wersching) is arranging PRIDE’s victims. Finally, a cliffhanger occurs as Alex is kidnapped by an unknown assailant.

Recovery and Realizations

Runaways S01E05 Kingdom
Marvel’s Runaways S01E05 “Kingdom”/Photo: Hulu

The twin themes of this week’s episode of Runaways are recovery (or the lack of it) and realization. The episode opens with a flashback to Geoffrey Wilder’s (Ryan Sands) days in prison, and how Darius (DeVaughn Nixon) gave up his own freedom because Geoffrey promised that he would get both of them out of the criminal rut that they were in. It is clear to the audience that this did not come to pass, and this failure (whether Geoffery planned to keep his promise or not) damaged Darius and Geoffrey’s friendship beyond any chance of recovery. Geoffrey’s decision to give Darius his kingdom, and not much else, is what fractures their relationship beyond repair.  In the present, most of the episode’s runtime is devoted to recovering Alex from his kidnappers, whom we learn are led by Darius. Geoffrey tells Alex that he can take semi-innocent bystander Andre (Nathan Davis Jr.) someplace where Darius can recover from the injury Alex gave him, but both Alex and Geoffrey know that he is lying. Victor tells Chase that he thinks that he can recover from his brain cancer, and it is clear that Chase does not quite believe him. Their relationship also takes some steps towards recovery, a path I think should be gently handled. Finally, the mysterious man Leslie Dean has been taking care of recovers due to PRIDE’s sacrifice of Andre. 

There are many realizations over the plot of this week’s episode. The teenagers with supernatural abilities or items (so everyone but Alex–sorry Alex!) all realize their gifts in the aftermath of recovering Alex. Nico’s mother (Brittany Ishibashi) realizes that Nico has found her staff, and seems to soften from the walls-up position that she has been in all season. Karolina seems to realize deep down that her life wasn’t as shiny as her parents would have had her believe. The teenagers also realize that they don’t really have the power to stop their parents by themselves, at least not this time and not without outside intervention. The audience realizes that Los Angeles is fated for explosions, as seen in Victor’s time machine, and they realize that Kip Dean may not be Karolina’s father. 

Runaways S01E05 Kingdom
Marvel’s Runaways S01E05 “Kingdom”/Photo: Hulu


I thought this episode was a nice transitional episode. The writers had to transition from last week’s cliffhanger to the reckoning that appears to be coming in the sneak peek for next week.  We’ve reached the midpoint of this season of Marvel’s Runaways (if you’re counting by either week or episode), and the action seems to be getting more dramatic by the episode. 

Next week on Marvel’s Runaways, our heroes plan to out their parents’ devious deeds for good. 

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