Review – Meet The Skrulls #5 (Marvel Comics)

Meet the Skrulls #5
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Meet The Skrulls #5

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Color Assist: Laurent Grossat
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: June 5, 2019

The family of Skrulls spies is a whole family once more but things will never be the same again for the Warner family!


“Family Matters” Meet the Skrulls #5


The mini-series featuring a family of Skrull spies comes to a satisfying conclusion in Meet the Skrulls #5. We have been following this family for five issues now (check the reviews for issue #1 and issue #2). The family is set to take down project Blossom. A project that could spell the end of the Skrulls greatest ability of shape-shifting and hiding in plain sight. They took on the form of an everyday family the Warners. Mom worked for a Senator while Dad worked for Stark industries. Eldest daughter Madison had done a great job of infiltrating her high school classmates and befriending a girl’s parents who held vital information to their mission. Everyone is working to complete the mission. Youngest daughter April had a harder time. She was not great at infiltrating, maybe growing up on Earth made her soft? Did her “family” even really care? Or Does the overall mission of the Skrull Empire trump family?

We have found out that the Warners are more of a family and that their dad Carl’s mission all along was to save their youngest daughter Ivy! She is alive and is the secret to project Blossom they are set to take down. Saving their youngest daughter the family looks to escape. But it seems their Skrull Commander has other plans!


Meet the Skrulls #5 (Marvel Comics)cover art by Marcos Martin
Meet the Skrulls #5 (Marvel Comics)cover art by Marcos Martin

Meet the Skrulls #5 was a solid ending to this five issue mini-series. Robbie Thompson has done a great job of building up these characters and setting everything up for these past two issues to turn the story on its head. I love that the main focus of this mini-series was family and finding out who you are, wrapped up in this Skrull spy story. Thompson built up a firm narrative throughout the issues and it really shined in this final issue. The family coming together in issue 4 and what happens in this issue really solidify the story points set up in the other issues.

I like that we have a more open-ended ending as well. Thompson has a lot more mysterious things pop up in this issue that could be expanded upon. But, you know it probably won’t be. I kind of like that, letting the story continue in the reader’s head of what may or may not happen. Everything is not wrapped up nice and neatly and it leaves the story open for another mini-series or it just leaves us to wonder; which I am fine with.


Niko Henrichon continues to do some delightful artwork in Meet the Skrulls #5. I continue to love the thin ink lines and fantastic character work in the series. Henrichon also does some tremendous panel structuring when the action hits. There is a great little curved panel in one fight scene that looks fantastic. Henirchon also does a great job of detailing different characters. As the Skrulls are shapeshifters Henrichon has to draw many “different” characters in Skrull and human form and they all look great.

The coloring work from Henrichon with an assist by Laurent Grossat is fantastic. It has this superb darkness to it that fits well with the story. It is dark but it does not drown out the brightness in scenes either. There is just a wonderful combination of the two. Some scenes feel dark and ominous while others bring a bright cheerfulness to the issue.


Marvel has been putting out some lovely little mini-series lately. I loved the Winter Soldier mini-series that ended a few months ago and now Meet the Skrulls #5 wraps up another thrilling mini-series. The creative team did a great job of creating a captivating story of Skrull spies and built it into a story about a family finding out who they are. It is an engaging story about what family is and finding out who you are when you are always somebody different. Great work from everybody on board and this is something everyone should check out.

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