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Midnight Sky #1
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Writer: James Pruett
Artist: Scott Van Domelen
Colorist: Ilaria Fella
Scout Production: Kurt Knippel 
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release Date: September 25, 2019

Jennifer moved to Florida to start a new life with her husband, son, and daughter. But now, 13 years in the future, things have turned for the worse as the world dies and her family secret is revealed.


“Trust Issues” Midnight Sky #1

Jennifer’s family has decided to move from the cold north to the “Sunshine State”, Florida. The change of weather and atmosphere would be a welcome change for her, her husband, son and on-the-way daughter. Her husband hasn’t been acting quite right. Maybe it was his secretive job, or was he having an affair? But, something was up. The move didn’t seem to help all that much, but the weather was nice. Well, it was, until shortly after the move an experiment to stop global warming completely changed the Earth and its weather. Oh, and aliens with the ability to look like humans may also have something to do with it! Jennifer’s world is transformed when everything she trusted is turned sideways in Midnight Sky #1.


Midnight Sky #1 (Scout Comics) cover A by Scott Van Domelen
Midnight Sky #1 (Scout Comics) cover A by Scott Van Domelen

Midnight Sky #1 has some very interesting story points that seem to be jumbled in a book that doesn’t know quite what it wants to be. I really liked the beginning of this issue. James Pruett starts it off strong with some wonderful character work. He weaves in this odd tension with Jennifer and her family. Her husband, Jacob, gives off some odd vibes that are very creepy and sinister. It is a great start to a mysterious book.

I didn’t mind the 13-year jump into the future. With the weather change and the new scenario, it was a nice little twist. Pruett did a good job of bouncing us back and forth and revealing information. I was getting into the story and mystery. The drama of what the father was up to and what caused the weather catastrophe, coupled with Jennifer surviving in the future, was intriguing and had some quality storytelling in it. Then the whole alien thing came about.

I won’t spoil anything, but the whole alien story point was just a little bit too much added into an already-packed plot for me. I liked it more when it felt a little less sci-fi. Plus the whole way they figure out if you are an alien or not is crazy simple and just not imaginative. There was enough of a story twist, with the weather thing, that I didn’t need the whole alien “body-snatcher/shapeshifter” added in.


I feel the art in Midnight Sky #1 is much like the story. There are some parts of it that I really like and enjoy and others that need some work. Characters’ facial expressions and general body mechanics need some tweaking in some scenes as, at times, they look off or odd in scenes. In some pages, the background detail is very good and in others it is non-existent. 

Scott Van Domelen does deliver some quality work. In the first few pages when the family is moving there are some truly wonderful detailed scenes. The houses in the cold winter setting look great. You get a sense of character and what is happening all from Domelen’s artwork. It just seems to get less and less as the issue proceeds.

The coloring work by Ilaria Fella is solid throughout Midnight Sky #1. Fella does a great job of catching the brightness and intrigue of the flashbacks scenes. It couples well as we are transported to the future and the perpetual “midnight sky” the weather disaster has sparked. Fella does a great job of casting that world in a faded out light coloration that brings that part of the story out in great detail.


Midnight Sky #1 from Scout Comics has a very intriguing story but there may be one too many twists for its own good. At times the dialogue is just a little bit too on-the-nose. There were some parts of the story I really enjoyed, but toward the end, it was just a few too many things jumbled into the story. The art also has the same downfall. Some parts are great with some superb detail and wonderful visual storytelling. But as the story goes on the detail wanes and visually becomes uninteresting. Plus how they figure out who is an alien is about as inventive as in the movie Signs when they figure out water hurts the alien invaders. It is just way too simple and throws the story off even more.

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