Review – Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 (Marvel)

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Miles Morales Spider-Man #2

jopihu8y Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Javier Garron
Colorist: David Curiel
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Artist: Marco D’Alfonso
Variant Cover Artist: Sana Takeda
Assistant Editor: Kathleen Wisneski
Editor: Nick Lowe
Editor In Chief: C.D. Cebulski
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Quesada
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T
Released: January 9th, 2019

Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 introduces a new antagonist and what has got to be one of the most unique team-ups of late.

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An Unlikely Team-Up and Introducing a New Antagonist


Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 combines the old and the new. It brings about an old antagonist forPeter Parker’s Spider-Man in an unexpected way and introduces a new villain for Miles to deal with. I personally love it when the new heroes start getting their own antagonists – so I hope this trend keeps up for Miles. 


The second issue for Miles Morales picks up more or less exactly where the first one left off. It’s not every day that you don’t see any time difference between one issue and the next, but in this situation, it makes perfect sense. 

Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 is an interesting issue. Saladin Ahmed takes elements from Peter Parker’s series – mainly an older antagonist, but then adds a bunch of new bits that suit Miles’ plot. It’s a great combination, all things considered. First, we have a character that we know plenty about, and thus needs no introduction. Then when you consider the slight alteration to his role in the series, and then combine that with the events occurring…and suddenly you’ve got a whole new and interesting plot. But it’s still one that’s founded in the history of Spider-Man. It’s pretty brilliant, actually.  

The character interactions between Miles and his new ally were actually amazing. They balance each other out shockingly well, both in abilities and personality. It was fun seeing them banter and try to work things out amongst each other. There were a couple of misunderstandings and some hurt feelings, but that just made the whole situation more believable.

Part of me is actually conflicted about the team-up. On the one hand, it’s been fun and unique, but on the other, I’d be okay with it stay a short-term thing. Maybe have them team-up every now and then, just for fun.

The series also introduced its first new antagonist. Okay, it’s not Miles’ first, but it is the first for the reboot. And honestly, Miles could use some more villains that are specific just to him. A villain can make or break a series; as evidenced by how famous some of Spider-Man’s antagonists have become.

The antagonist so far seems interesting, but really we’ll need to see more of him before much can be said about it. I think he could prove to be a good counter for Miles though. Especially considering the method he’s using. It’s not something that Miles was ever prepared to consider dealing with.

Saladin Ahmed did a great job of grounding Miles’ character while also having him deal with so many large events. The fact is that he is still a teenage boy, and thus he has homework, has to sneak out at night. And sometimes a night of fighting means a night of not getting to study for an important test. These little reminders help us to maintain perspective on Miles’ character.


Javier Garron and David Curiel did a fantastic job with this issue. Miles looked his normal lithe self, which felt even more obvious than ever when contrasted against his new teammate. Said teammate looked rougher than I remembered him – more sharp edges and the like. It made his situation feel more real, in an odd sense. Plus it showed the difference between him and Miles.

As for the new antagonist…he looks like a typical villain? I’m sure he’ll become standout in time, but for right now his looks really do force him to blend in with all the others in his field. But perhaps that’s exactly what they wanted? Somebody for us to underestimate?


Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 is still going strong. The new creative team is working hard to maintain the character already developed while pushing the boundaries. It was a great call to introduce a new villain this early, as it’ll give him ample opportunities to show up again and again. And honestly, I really liked the unexpected ally Miles got in this issue. It was fun, it was quirky. It was even kind of cute, at times.

I like the new direction they’re taking for Miles Morales. He’s starting to feel more distinct, even as he deals with characters from outside of his series. If anything, their appearances have done a solid job of showing us that fact. 


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