Review – Misfit City #1

 Misfit City #1

“Gloomies Never Say…”

Everyone loves the classic 80’s kid adventure movie The Gloomies, in fact, they love it so much people regularly travel to Cannon Cove to visit the location it was filmed at. Everyone loves The Gloomies unless you actually have to live, work and go to school in Cannon Cove, Oregon. Wilder, Karma, Macy, Dot are these girls that have to live, work and go to school in this boring town where nothing happens, that is until they stumble upon the pirate Black Mary’s treasure map. Now the adventure is on as these girls and Pippin the ever lovable canine companion are off on an adventure they will never forget.

Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Kurt Lustgarden make Misfit City #1 and incredibly fun read. The characters are very well imagined and fleshed out in this first issue and it is a great introduction to the series. Each character has their own individuality and the group plays off each other well with great dialogue and fun interactions with each other. Not only are the main characters great two villainous type characters are also introduced and make a great impact with only a few pages. The writers a playing well with The Goonies type set up with the story and are obviously having a grand time playing with the themes of these 80’s kid adventure movies. 

Misfit City #1



Naomi Franquiz does some wonderful cartooning on this issue and the character designing is top notch. Along with the writing, Franquiz makes sure each individual has a unique “true to self” design that make each one of them recognizable.  Franquiz style really makes the story come to life, with great facial expressions and body language Franquiz gets great “acting” out of the characters that could tell a story with limited dialogue.   Brittany Peer on colors sets the tone for the book giving Misfit City a gloomy almost mysterious feel using toned down shades and some darker colors. The art team really make these characters and mystery adventure story feel alive and well, that brings a whole new characterization to the story. 


Misfit City #1 is just a great first issue and a great start to what seems like an incredible adventure series. With great characters that are well established right off the bat, an exciting story with adventure and mystery, and a great art team it is hard to come up with a reason, not to at least check out Misfit City #1. This is a great series especially for younger female readers that are having trouble finding comics for themselves. You not only get a great cast of widely diverse female characters but some great female creators on this series also that are getting a chance to show off some immense talent. All that to the side the main thing is that Misfit City #1 is an all around great comic that will have readers clamoring for more, I for one wish this had been a double-sized first issue to get more of this wonderful story into my brain.

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