Review – Misfit City #4

Misfit City #4

Black Sails

At the end of the last issue of Misfit City, the gang decided to hold a séance to attempt to contact Black Mary’s ghost and figure out the mystery of her treasure map. Well, things worked a little too well as Dot seemingly gets “possessed” by the spirit of Black Mary. While this is troubling it does give the group some significant information about the map. This is a straw too far for most of the group though. The 127th annual “Shuckers Fair” is happening in a few hours in Cannon Cove and they have more important things to do than attempt to solve this mystery; Dot has to help shuck oyster, Karma has her parents psychic/tarot reading booth to run, while Macy and Todd have to get ready to rock the stage live. Only Wilder and her faithful dog Pippin remain to solve the mystery of Black Mary’s treasure. With the fair in full swing, Cannon Cove is hopping with fans of the “Gloomies”, wanting to meet the actors and see locations from the movie; two other visitors arrive at the fair that are not there for the festivities. The mysterious man and woman that chased the girls earlier are back to steal the map from them, oh and remember the mystery man with the anchor tattoo well he may want something with the map also! Will the group get back together or is all lost? Find out in Misfit City #4.


What a wonderfully written Issue by Kristin “Kiwi” Smith & Kurt Lustgarten, it is just all kinds of fun and mystery intrigue. I feel like with Misfit City #4 this series has finally caught its “rhythm”. I feel like I as a reader have a firm grasp on these characters and what is going on and now the writers are really just getting to have a lot of fun with this series. Misfit City #4 ramps up that “Scooby-Doo” feeling to a whole new level, the mystery gets deeper and we get information on the anchor tattoo man that really adds a lot of new things to the story and makes the mystery of Black Mary’s treasure all that more interesting and that cliff hanger is absolutely perfect at the end of the Issue!


Naomi Franquiz and Brittany Peer continue to do fantastic work on the art in Misfit City #4. The images can be a little “static” in the more action oriented scenes, but that is a minor complaint. Naomi Franquiz does some wonderful cartooning and her character designs remain great. They have some fantastic scenes in the rain that are just marvelous and really set the mood for what is happening. With the rain pouring down and the lighting “crashing” behind certain characters it is a great scene visually that gets the tension of the situation extremely heightened. Again the last page of the Issue with the great teaser/cliff hanger is just fantastic on the art side as well, how the light is reflected and the characters look is just all around fantastic!


This issue of Misfit City is probably the best issue of this series so far; while the other issues have been good I feel as if we finally have a grasp of these characters and are finally just settling into this mystery. I am really invested in this story as a reader and it is a lot of fun to try and figure out the mystery along with the gang and the creative team keeps dropping new things into the story that keeps making it deeper and deeper. Misfit City is a fantastic series especially if you have a younger reader in your household. It has great characters, a really fun/creepy mystery story and is just a joy to read! 

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