Review – Misfit City #5

Misfit City #5


In the last issue of Misfit City, Wilder was the only member of the group still interested in finding Black Mary’s treasure, this led her to speak with Mr. Shipp who used to sail with Captain Denby, before his untimely demise. Mr. Shipp seemed very interested in the treasure map Wilder spoke about and grew even more excited when Karma and Dot figured out the “key” to unlock the maps mystery. It is soon revealed that Mr. Shipp is the mystery man with the anchor tattoo and now he along with Captain Denby’s two dimwitted cousins want the map and treasure for themselves. The gang is all back together now and trapped in an eerie cave with Captain Denby himself! Can they escape the clutches of Mr. Shipp and Captain Denby’s relatives or can they even survive the trapped laden cave that they are now trapped in! Adventure and excitement await in Misfit City #5!

Misfit City #5 Cover by Naomi Franquiz
Misfit City #5 Cover by Naomi Franquiz

The writing team does a superb job of really pushing the story forward in Misfit City #5. With the revealing of the mystery anchor tattoo man and learning about the “death” of Captain Denby the story has become a lot more interesting. This Issue really starts to unfold the mystery of the map, Captain Denby and Black Mary’s treasure in a very satisfying way. I am really happy they did not string it along anymore and they are giving us some answers while still holding back on some points. I really love this core cast in Misfit City and in Misfit City #5 it feels like their bond has increased a lot since these big revelations. The dialogue is great and I love all the back and forth banter and there are some great pop culture references throughout this Issue that made me laugh.


Misfit City #5 almost entirely takes place in a cave/cavern setting and the art team does a wonderful job of catching this setting to up the “adventure” feeling of this Issue. Naomi Franquiz does a superb job of catching this enclosed, dark, foreboding typesetting. You immediately get the feeling that the group may have gotten a little bit over their heads when you see the rickety wooden bridges, weird bone structures, and all the dark twists and turns as they traverse through the cave. Naomi Franquiz continues great character work and delivers great emotion from all of the characters on the pages. Brittany Peers colors really enhance the cave/cavern setting and I really like how she uses the lantern light to great effect in this setting. The colors really set the mood and tone for Misfit City #5.


Misfit City #5 is another great entry in just a really fun comic book series. The cast of characters are just delightful and it is great to see them put into this ever increasing crazy situation. The creative team has done a fantastic job of slowly developing this mystery story while still keeping the reader intrigued and just making Misfit City a joy to read. This series is one of the few really good all-ages comic books that can really be enjoyed by anybody.

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