Review – Misfit City #6

Misfit City #6

“The gang goes Scooby-Doo”

In the previous issue of Misfit City to the gang’s delight, they found that Captain Denby was alive and well having faked his death and living in the caverns by the sea, they also found out that Black Mary’s treasure is real and they are closer than ever to find it! Too bad they are still being hunted by Denby’s evil cousins and now Horace Shipp his former sailing partner. With Captain Denby’s help the group escapes their clutches, but now they are very deep in the caverns and must make a choice continue on the path to find the treasure or try to find an escape route. Much to the gang’s disapproval, their lives seem to be mirroring the infamous “Gloomies” movie more and more! The adventure continues in Misfit City #6.

Misfit City #6 Cover by Naomi Franquiz
Misfit City #6 Cover by Naomi Franquiz

I was a little bit worried about the story getting stale, it has been six issues of the gang trying to find this treasure, but somehow the creative team continues to make this series fresh and a lot of fun to read and Misfit City #6 is just as good as all the previous issues. The cast of characters continues to be great and are a joy to hang out with each month. The writing team has done a wonderful job of scripting this story and slowly peeling away at the mystery while still keeping the reader engaged in the story. By the end of Misfit City #6, the gang dives back into that “spooky” Scooby-Doo typesetting that we saw in previous issues and those few final pages might be my favorites of the series (spoiler alert it’s Halloween themed!).


Naomi Franquiz cartooning skills continue to impress in Misfit City #6, I just love the great facial expressions she gives to all the characters it really helps sale the story being told. The art just continues to be a wonderful blend of really fun sequential art that enhances the comedy, adventure, and drama throughout Misfit City #6. Brittany Peer is becoming one of my favorite colorists in comics right now after seeing her versatility between Misfit City and books like TMNT Universe, her skills are truly great. I love the “softer” colors of the series and just the overall tone the colors set. The art team is fantastic and I really could not picture anyone else doing the art for this series.


Misfit City #6 legit goes full-on Scooby-Doo by the end of the issue and I cannot wait for issue #7, the only thing that could make it better would be if it came out before Halloween! The writing continues to make the story engaging and a whole lot of fun; there is hardly a dull moment in Misfit City #6. The art team also continues to do a superb job as well, with great cartooning and coloring Misfit City is an all-around solid comic book series. If you like mysteries, adventures and just an all-around good time, you are not going to want to miss out on Misfit City.

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