Review – Misfit City #7

Misfit City #7

“Let’s Split up Gang”

So as stated in my review of the last issue the gang starting to go full on “Scooby-Doo” and in Misfit City #7 it solidifies my statement! It is Halloween Night so everyone is dressed up in monster costumes; the group has to split up one set to stake out the Denby’s house and one to follow Mr. Shipp. There is a graveyard, chase scenes, a mystery man in a mask, secret pathways and a possible possession! Now you tell me that Misfit City #7 did not go full Scooby-Doo and I will call you a liar.

MISFIT CITY #7 COVER BY Naomi Franquiz
MISFIT CITY #7 COVER BY Naomi Franquiz

In all seriousness, Misfit City #7 was an incredibly fun issue and starts to wind down the series (it ends with the next issue #8) while still keeping the mystery alive while sprinkling in some new strangeness along the way. The writing team has done a great job of not making this series grow stale. That was my main concern going into the later issues as we are still focusing on the group trying to figure out the mystery behind Black Mary’s treasure that started with issue #1. The team has done a near-perfect job of slowly revealing and adding new mysteries into the story to keep the readers engaged and interested throughout. It also helps that all the characters are wonderfully developed and are just a joy to spend time with.


Misfit City #7 continues to showcase some spectacular artwork from Naomi Franquiz and Brittany Peer. The cartooning continues to be great and the fantastic emotion Franquiz gets out of the characters is top notch. Britanny Peers dark colors really set the tone for this Halloween set issue that gives it a nice spooky feel to Misfit City #7. There is a beautiful page with the girls being chased and the normal panel borders are replaced by this wavy green “spirit” like line that is just fantastic. Franquiz gets to add some nice pop culture nods with costumes and in different scenes and settings with it being Halloween, it makes it a lot of fun to look at the pages and see what different characters are wearing in the scenes and what little easter eggs Franquiz puts on the pages (for instance you can catch some Stranger Things and Dragon Ball Z references).


Misfit City continues just to be a really fun engaging series that somehow keeps you on the edge of your seat while smiling the whole way through. I really thought I would be bored of this series by now, but I look forward to reading it every time it comes out. The creative has done a superb job of just making Misfit City a great comic book. Misfit City #7 in itself is just a fantastic read, with the Halloween setting and the mystery getting closer and closer to being solved. The gang has gone through a lot to get this close to finally solving the mystery, but with a new mysterious person popping up in Misfit City #7 and their enemies hot on their tales will the mystery be solved or will the gang end up like Black Mary, buried at the bottom of the sea?

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