Review – Misfit City #8 (BOOM! Studios)

Every Beginning Has Its End in Misfit City #8

The girls have finally cracked the code of Black Mary’s map and the hiding place of her treasure in Misfit City #8. Unfortunately, that does not mean all is well and good. There are still many obstacles in the way! The Denbys and Mr. Shipp are still after them, looking to steal the treasure by any means.

Misfit City #8 Main CoverIn the previous issue, a mysterious masked man showed up and Sheriff Hadlock (Wilder’s mom) was “possessed” by Black Mary’s ghost! Will the girls be able to outwit the Denbys and Mr. Shipp? What about the curse on the treasure? Will the town ever be the same again? Find this out and more in the exciting conclusion of Misfit City #8.

What a wild ride Kristen “Kiwi” Smith and Kurt Lustgarten have brought us on in the past eight issues. They have really grasped these characters well and written a fantastic story. They did a superb job of not making the story grow stale or boring. Each issue is exciting! The eight issues of Misfit City have really built on each other and have allowed the characters grow and develop.

I do wish Misfit City #8 was a little bit longer. The conclusion was good and open-ended, but I feel like I wanted a little bit more closure with the characters. It feels like they did not have enough pages for the exact ending they wanted. Don’t get me wrong, the ending is very satisfying. I just wish we had maybe two more pages with the characters before the very end.


The art team has been consistently good throughout this series. The facial expressions and movements of the character have been superb. Naomi Franquiz’s character designs were absolutely perfect for this series. She really brought them to life. Her cartooning was great. She eally got the characters’ emotions and reactions perfectl, selling the scenes and what was happening.

Brittany Peer is one of my favorite colorists in comic books and she shined on this series. The colors are more toned down and muted but they fit the tone of Misfit City perfectly. However, that is not to say they don’t pop when they need to. She just matches the tone of the series perfectly. The art team has done a superb job and made this series a really fun read.


Misfit City #8 was a satisfying conclusion to a really fun series. It was a little rushed but satisfying all the same. Misfit City is going to make for a really awesome trade and perfect for younger readers. It has a great adventure story that combines elements of horror, mystery, adventure, and tales of friendship all rolled into one. But saying it is for a younger reader is not a put-down. Adults like me will thoroughly enjoy this series as well. It is great just to have a series like this that does not talk down to younger readers, but just tells a fantastic story! 

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