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Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Simone di Meo w/ assistance by Alessio Zonno

Colorist: Walter Baimamonte w/ assist by Igor Monti

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: BOOM1 Studios/IDW Publishing

Release: March 18, 2020

Power Rangers without their power coins what will they do? Plus Ninja Turtles become Power Rangers!


Go! Go! Turtle Power Rangers in MMPR/TMNT #4

MMPR/TMNT #4 finds the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a wild predicament. Disconnected from their power coins, the teenagers with attitude are no longer Power Rangers. But Rita’s monster is destroying NYC. Zordon looks to the TMNT crew to fill the void. It is Morphin time for Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and April O’Neil! The most bodacious ninjas are about to get an upgrade! But what are the Power Rangers without their powers? They are still teenagers with skills, and Master Splinter has a plan of attack against the technodrome!


MMPR/TMNT #4 (BOOM! Studios/IDW Publishing) main cover by Dan Mora
MMPR/TMNT #4 (BOOM! Studios/IDW Publishing) main cover by Dan Mora

So, I have lost a bit of the thread of what is going on. I can remember Tommy getting involved with the Foot Clan to save somebody and then Shredder getting the green Power coin. But it is all a bit vague about why Shredder and Rita are working together. I am sure it was explained it just doesn’t stick out or exactly what the plan with the technodrome is, but I don’t know if it matters much? We got these two crew together and there is just enough plot to hold the story together and deliver some delightful fan service moments throughout. 

MMPR/TMNT #104 delivers something I never thought I needed in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles becoming Power Rangers. I never once thought of this but it is fantastic! Ryan Parrott plays with it so well in the story. You can feel his excitement through the words of the characters. Parrott continues to deliver some pitch-perfect dialogue for all the characters. Which there are a lot of counting all of the Power Rangers, TMNT crew and a host of villains. Parrott juggles them all well and finds the “voice” of everyone.

Parrott also somehow weaves in more and more fun moments throughout the series. The end of MMPR/TMNT #4 delivers another one of those moments. Something that should be obvious as something cool to happen but never dreamed of. That is until it does at the end of this issue and it has me chomping at the bit for the next issue.


Can Simone di Meo draw Casey Jones all day every day? The hockey mask-wearing vigilante made his debut in the previous issue and it was spectacular. We get to see a bit of him again in this issue and it is just not enough! I continue to dig di Meo’s style. His characters have a fantastic look to them.

His angular, wild type styling feels right at home for this series. That wild style is a bit of a hindrance in the framing and sequencing though. Meo uses a ton of different angular panels and it does not always work, it looks cool, but from a storytelling perspective it can make things muddled and a little bit too hectic at times. It is visually nice looking but from a storytelling perspective, it does not always work for me.

That kind of goes with the coloring work by Walter Baiamonte as well. I like it, for the most part, it has this nice almost future, cyberpunk vibe to it at times. But sometimes it is just a bit too much. It feels a little overboard at times as well.

MMPR/TMNT #4 continues to have a wonderful look to it, it just may need to “slow” down a bit from a visual storytelling standpoint. There is a lot to like about it still. The designs for the TMNT crew as Power Rangers are fantastic and they have no right looking this cool! Simone di Meo does a great job with those. Also, the Power Rangers in Ninja outfits is just wonderfully fantastic and seems like a slight call back to the ’90s movie, but way cooler looking.


There is a lot to love in MMPR/TMNT #4. If you are a fan of either of these classic series then you will find something to enjoy. If you are a fan of both of them (like me) then you will find yourself smiling throughout the issue. While the plot may not be earth-shattering it does what it needs to do to get these teams together and delivers some fantastic fan serviceable moments. Parrott also continues to excel with every character.

Visually I am at a few cross roads. I love the style and tone of the book. It is kinetic and fast-paced and the character designs are tremendously well done. I just feel structurally from a storytelling perspective it is a little too hectic. The jagged panels and wild layouts look cool but also muddle the storytelling at times.

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