Review – Moon Knight #188

Moon Knight #188

Stone Gods

Moon Knight #188 starts off a new story arc and introduces a new villain into Marc Spector’s world.  We begin once again in the Ravencroft Asylum, with Dr. Emmett counseling a patient: another troubled man with a military background, who shares many similarities with her former patient, Marc Spector, the Moon Knight. She suspects that maybe she can help, with Mr. Spector’s case as a blueprint and introducing some Ancient Egyptian mythology and what Marc “thought” happened to him. As Dr. Emmett starts to learn more about her patient’s past, she realizes she has awoken something terrifying. Now he wants the one called Moon Knight, and he will burn everything in his path to get to him!

Moon Knight #188 Cover
Moon Knight #188 Cover

I will go ahead and say I am a huge Moon Knight fan, and I have loved all of the current runs and changes that he has gone through the past few years. From Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s run to Jeff Lemire’s and Greg Smallwood’s excellent run that ended a little while ago, Moon Knight has had a string of good to great runs and seems to be getting some love from fans, so Max Bemis has a lot to live up to in his start of a new story arc in Moon Knight #188.

If you read the last Moon Knight series you were probably like me and very interested to see how this new series was going to start. Lemire left Marc Spector in control of his multiple personalities and starting on a new path, but was all the asylum stuff just in his head, was he really under attack by other gods, or was he really in Ravencroft Asylum? All of that is kind of left up in the air at the end of his run. Max Bemis does a good job of addressing that, but not focusing too much on it. It seems that Ravencroft is a real asylum, Dr. Emmett is a psychologist who treated Marc Spector, and she has a new patient. Now we are going to get to the part of Moon Knight #188 that has me split and it is a little “spoilery”, so be warned. Marc Spector, Moon Knight, does not show up in Moon Knight #188. He is talked about and dreamed about, but the character himself does not show up. What Moon Knight #188 basically is, is an origin story for this new villain, and while I was very interested to see what Marc Spector had been up to and what he was doing now, getting to know this new villain and having him completely fleshed out was very nice too. So I am a little split. I liked the story and getting this new character fleshed out, but was also disappointed we did not get more information about Moon Knight himself.


Jacen Burrows and Mat Lopes also had the monumental job of following up Greg Smallwood and Jordie Bellaire on art from the last Moon Knight series, and they do a fantastic job on Moon Knight #188. Jaycen Burrows’ style is definitely not similar to Greg Smallwood; his characters are bolder, his lines are thicker and his characters have a more animated feel to them. He gives the characters and scenes a “texture” to them; his lines are not straight, they have little curves and notches, and he adds little extra details to give everything this textured visual. Mat Lopes’ flat coloring scheme really works wonders in this issue and with Jacen Burrows’ art. The colors just work seamlessly well with what is going on, and when Moon Knight does “show up” the white costume really “pops” off the page. The one downfall of the art is it does feel a little static from panel to panel; I don’t feel a real sense of movement when things are happening. Overall, that is a minor flaw, and the art looks great in Moon Knight #188.


Moon Knight #188 introduces a new, terrifying villain into Moon Knight’s rogues’ gallery. While Marc Spector himself does not show up, we do get a fully fleshed-out villain in Moon Knight #188. The art and story are a great departure from the last series, which is welcome, and I am glad that the creative team is trying something new and different with Moon Knight. Plus, I cannot be too upset that Moon Knight was not in this issue, as we are getting double Moon Knight this month: Moon Knight #189 is due out on November 29th!

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