Review – Moon Knight #190 (Marvel Comics)

The Sun King Rises in Moon Knight #190

Marc Spector believed he had control over all of his personalities and that things were going well for him. He was battling evil and fighting the good fight. The balance he had achieved in his life seemed nice, but in issue #189 of Moon Knight, we found out that one of his “darker” personalities (Jake Lockley) is holding a secret from him. What could it be? Did he kill somebody? Was he selling drugs? Marc Spector does not know, but someone does. Someone who wants him dead: the Sun King! In Moon Knight #190, he plans to use that secret to finally destroy Moon Knight.

Moon Knight #190 Main CoverMax Bemis reveals a lot in Moon Knight #190. After two shocking revelations of Jake Lockley hiding something and the Sun King getting Bushman to help him in the last issue, Bemis leaves it all out on the table in this issue. I like and dislike what is going in with Moon Knight so far. I will get the negative out of the way first. Do we all ways have to deal with Moon Knight being “crazy”? I get itit is his main thingbut I would like a few issues were he just gets to be a hero or something. It is getting a little old having this be a major thing for the past while.

So now that is out of the way, I am liking Bemis’s story here. I am not totally digging the whole crazy thing again, but I like the way he is looking at it and building the story around it. I also really like that we are getting a new villain in the Sun King. Yeah, Bushman is in here, but it is nice to have Moon Knight’s rogues gallery get built up a little. Bemis scripts the story well in Moon Knight #190 and man, that ending definitely has me excited for the next issue!


I am enjoying Jacen Burrows’s pencils and Guillermo Ortego’s inks in this series. They have some wonderful work in Moon Knight #190. Everything just looks so tight and clean. Plus, they both have a great eye for detail and really know how to make certain pages and panels really pop of the page. The detailed clothing really stands out in this issue and the line work that is put into is amazing. Something that just adds layers to the issue.

Mat Lopes’s colors have been outstanding throughout the three issues of this Moon Knight series. He really just makes the white coloring shine. I love the more faded coloring tone he uses for inside Marc Spector’s head. Those scenes look fantastic. The art has been great. Yeah, the faces are a little disturbing to look at sometimes, but I am pretty sure that is what they are going for.


Max Bemis is definitely pulling Marc Spector in new directions with Moon Knight #190. Moon Knight fans will be shocked by the revelations in this issue! While I would like to see Moon Knight do some regular superhero stuff, I still enjoy what Bemis is doing so far with this series. It also does not hurt that the art team is doing a pretty stellar job. This issue had me pretty stunned as a long-time Moon Knight fan. I am very excited to see where things go from here!

Are you enjoying this Moon Knight comic series so far? Let us know in the comments!

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