Review – Moon Knight #191 (Marvel Comics)

The Battle Begins in Moon Knight #191

So, Moon Knight had some shocking revelations in issue #190 he has to deal with in Moon Knight #191. First off, it turns out that the deep dark secret Jack Lockley is hiding from Marc is he is secretly seeing Marlene. That is not the only secret. He also had a daughter with her that is now three years old! Moon Knight is a daddy and he did not even know it. The worst part is the Sun King and Bushman have found this out and are using the two to lure Moon Knight into a trap.

To say Marc Spector is going through a lot is an understatement. Having the love of his life Marlene back in his life (well she was in his life, but only the Jack Lockley personality knew) and then finding out you have a daughter is enough stress for anybody. He now has to deal with a man claiming to be the “god” Ra wanting to kill him. Moon Knight definitely has his hands full in Moon Knight #191.


Moon Knight #191 Cover Art by Jacen BurrowsI am a little torn with Max Bemis’ run so far on Moon Knight. I am not super stoked we are still dealing with the whole multiple personalities, “Moon Knight is crazy” thing. It is done a lot and I know it is a big part of his character, but I wish we could let it rest a little bit. On the other hand, I do like he has shaken a lot of things up for the character. Giving him a new villain in the Sun King has been good and refreshing; while obviously, the whole daughter thing has opened up a whole new world of storytelling.

Moon Knight #191 also starts to push Marc Spector in new directions. Having him confront everything going on in his life and dealing with this new threat will hopefully make him a stronger character.


As with the writing, I am a little bit hit and miss with the art. I wish there was a little bit more background detail in some scenes in Moon Knight #191. Marlene’s house looks very sparse and a lot of the scenes just have a solid-colored background. The images also feel a little static at times, so I would like to “feel” a little more energy off the pages. I do enjoy Jacen Burrows’ penciling and structure of the series. There are some great scenes inside Marc’s head that are wonderfully done. Guillermo Ortego on inks does a superb job of bringing the characters to life. His tight inking style really brings out the character details and the faces look fantastic.

Mat Lopes does a tremendous job on the colors in Moon Knight #191. The coloring is brilliant. From the flames on the Sun King to how the light falls on Moon Knights mask, the colors are perfect in this series. Mat Lopes shows he is one of the best colorists in the business today.


I am liking this new run and creative team on Moon Knight so far, for the most part. It is pushing the character in new directions, and it puts him in a very different situation. Moon Knight #191 also features Moon Knight fighting without pants, and that is something you do not see often! Joking aside, Moon Knight is a solid comic book. The story continues to build and bring the character to new and interesting areas.

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