Review – Moon Knight #192 (Marvel Comics)

Marc Spector Needs Sunscreen in Moon Knight #192

Marlene has been captured by the Sun King and has been taken far away. With the help of Moon Knight’s newest foe, The Truth (see issue #189) and his oldest foe Bushman, The Sun King has turned Marc Spector’s world upside down. Marc does not have much time to wrap his head around that he has a daughter! Much less try to make a connection with her. In Moon Knight #192 Marc calls his oldest friend Frenchie to help babysit Diatrice while he finds Marlene. Well, he hopes Frenchie can help, since the last time we saw him he was dead! It seems the Sun King has set up on a tropical island, but this is no vacation for Moon Knight.


Moon Knight #192 Marvel Comics cover by Jacen Burrows
cover by Jacen Burrows

It feels like Max Bemis has gotten his footing and the story is starting to come together in Moon Knight #192. It is not that I did not enjoy the other issues, but it feels like now everything is a little “smoother” story-wise. I won’t spoil anything, but I like how Bemis deals with the whole Frenchie being dead thing. It makes a connection to the previous Moon Knight series, without totally dispelling what happened in it.

I am liking the Sun King as a villain.  Max Bemis is starting to bring this character into his own. It seems like the gamble of having the first issue (issue #188) be all about him is starting to pay off. It is also one of those premises that seem obvious and why no one else has attempted a sun god vs moon god storyline. 


There are aspects I like and do not like about the art style.  I do not like the more “static” feel of the characters.   The movement on the pages does not have that energetic feel to them a lot of the times.  Some time the inks feel a little ‘wavy’ at times. I am not sure how to explain it, but the inks feel maybe a little too bold.  Burrows does have some fantastic scenes in Moon Knight #192. I loved the whole boat scene and when they get to the island, Burrow fills it with wonderful scenery. And Ortego’s inks do add great details to the characters faces.  I love the way he makes Moon Knights costume pop.

Talking about the island, I love the whole having Moon Knight in full costume during the day on a tropical island. That whole imagery is amazing and it is mostly due to colorist Mat Lopes. The way he ‘brightens’ ups Moon Knights costume is fantastic.  And the blue sky, white sand, and palm trees are fantastic. It just looks so odd to have Moon Knight in this kind of setting, but the art team makes it work tremendously well.


The story is starting to come together in Moon Knight #192. We learn a little more about what is driving our hero and villain, while at the same time literally bringing Moon Knight in new directions. Bemis’s story points with the Sun King are starting to take hold and he is developing Marc Spector well. While I have some nit-picks here and there, overall Jacen Burrows and Guillermo Ortego do a tremendous job on art and they have some fantastic scenes in Moon Knight #192 and Lopes’s colors are wonderful. This storyline is starting to really grow on me and I will be very interested to see how it ends and where it leaves Marc Spector afterward.

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