Review – Moon Knight #193 (Marvel Comics)

“Crazy Like a Fox” in Moon Knight #193

The Sun King has broken the “fist of Khonshu.” Trapped on an island with the Sun King and his followers, Marc Spector’s attempt to save Marlene is not going well (check out the previous issue reviews). Moon Knight is broken and has lost his “faith” in Khonshu, and with one last ritual the Sun King will attempt to eclipse the moon “god” once and for all in Moon Knight #193.


Moon Knight #193 Cover Art by Jacen BurrowsObviously, if you have been reading my reviews of this series, I am not the biggest fan of constantly going back to the well of dealing with Moon Knight’s mental illness. I am to the point of yes we know; let us talk about something else. Well, this whole series has been doing that and while I am not the biggest fan of that plot point, Max Bemis is doing it well enough for it not to bother me too much. He is taking a different approach to it and it has kept my attention. I do also like this new villain, the Sun King. Moon Knight does not have a long list of rivals, so it is good to have a fresh face around.

Bemis does bring up an interesting point in Moon Knight #193. Does Moon Knight has “powers” or not? Bemis deals with that issue in an interesting way, and I am sure it may rub people the wrong way one way or the other. But, it does bring up interesting points about faith and belief and what they can do.


Jacen Burrows and Guillermo Ortego continue to deliver some brutal scenes in Moon Knight #193. There is a fantastic fight scene between Moon Knight and the Sun King that is wonderfully depicted and fits right into the artist wheelhouse. It is a knockdown drag out of a slobber knocker that Burrows lets you feel every blow and Ortego brings every cut and bruise to excruciating detail. Mat Lopes does a fantastic job with the “lighting” in this issue. There are a lot of flames and things burning throughout, and he does a fantastic job of using that to his advantage making some wonderful colors and shadows.

I have liked the art in this Moon Knight run and it is good artwork. At times, it does feel somewhat “off” though. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but the characters give off this odd feeling. Maybe it is just me, but at times things just look awkward for some reason. There is also one panel in particular that I won’t spoil, but it made me laugh and I am not sure if it was supposed to have that reaction or not to it. The odd colors and the way the characters’ faces look made me giggle.


Crazy does not even begin to explain this series! Two avatars of “gods” are at war and it looks like the sun is rising in Moon Knight #193. Max Bemis brings the crazy while Jacen Burrows, Guillermo Ortego, and Mat Lopes’ visuals are pure lunacy! Moon Knight #193 is an issue that will have Moon Knight fans talking. Whether it is good or bad is up to you, but right now I like where Marc Spector is heading.

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