Review – Moon Knight #195 (Marvel Comics)

Witness the Thing that Should Not Be in Moon Knight #195

So, we took a little detour into Marc Spector’s past in the previous issue. We learned about his dissociative identity disorder’s origin. It seems his father had some sort of mental disability, and the rabbi friend he looked up to as a child turned out to be Nazi who killed this rabbi in Germany, took his identity, and continued to act like him so he could continue to kill Jewish people. Marc found his killing dungeon as a child and he barely escaped, and the guy was never seen again. So yeah, now in Moon Knight #195, Marc is continuing to connect with his newly-found daughter and the love of his life, Marlene, but wouldn’t you know, a new villain comes creeping along. I’ll tell you Moon Knight is not ready to deal with the horror that is the Collective!


Moon Knight #195 Marvel Comics cover by Becky Cloonan
cover by Becky Cloonan

Max Bemis continues to change it up with his run on Moon Knight. He started off with a long storyline, introducing a new villain—the Sun King—and the huge discovery that one of Marc’s identities had been seeing Marlene and had a daughter with her! Then we got the one-shot story last month about Marc’s past. And now it seems we are getting a nice two-part story with this new villain, the Collective. I like that Bemis is changing up the story and it is not just one long storyline dealing with the same thing. He has had a very interesting take on Moon Knight so far, and in general, I like what he is doing.

Moon Knight#195 is definitely a weird storyline and it spends a lot of time “creating” this new villain, the Collective. The beginning feels a little odd as we spend close to half the issue with this character/characters. The pacing of the first part is a little odd. I feel like some other scenes with Marc and his family hanging out could have been sliced in-between this new villain being “created” and would have read better. I am liking that we are getting Marc doing some “superhero” type stuff with just him fighting this new villain.


Moon Knight #195 was my first exposure to Paul Davidson’s art. My first reaction was “oh this is very animated,” his style is vastly different from what we got with Jacen Burrows and Guillermo Ortego on the first 5 issues. Moon Knight #194 featured Ty Templeton but it was not a huge departure in style like this is. Davidson gives his characters an exaggerated, cartoony type look to their body proportions. Some long skinny limbs, bigger-than-normal heads. Nothing crazy but a little more exaggerated than normal. I will say that the first half of the book dealing with the Collective had me a little worried. These characters have that very cartoony feel and the art was good but I was not sure how it was going to transfer to Moon Knight himself and the overall tone and story Bemis has been crafting. 

Well, when Moon Knight does show up Davidson’s style works spectacularly well, to my surprise. His more animated style looks fantastic when Marc Spector suits up. It is honestly a way I have not seen the character depicted artwise. It is a, dare I say, “fun” look for the character. Davidson gets great detail and the way he depicts movement and action looks delightful on the page. That more animated cartoony style also makes this “body horror” of a character, the Collective, look extremely gross and creepy!

Mat Lopes does a fantastic job on colors; while the art style is definitely different it has the same feel as the other issues. The colors keep that consistency with the previous issues and help the change not feel too drastic.


Moon Knight #195 is another good issue. We get introduced to a new villain and Moon Knight has a whole new raft of problems to deal with. The pacing did feel a little off and I do wish we got to spend a little more time with Marc Spector getting to know his daughter. Overall it is a fun start to a new storyline. The art change, while vastly different than what we have been getting, works surprisingly well and delivers some great moments throughout the issue. 

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