Review – Moon Knight #199 (Marvel Comics)

Moon Knight #199
  • Writing - 3/10
  • Art - 8.8/10
  • Overall - 5.9/10


Writer: Max Bemis

Artist: Paul Davidson

Colorist: Matt Milla

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Maturity Rating: Teen +

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release: September 29, 2018

Marc Spector’s final confrontation with “uncle” Ernst may not go as planned in Moon Knight #199.

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Marc Spector Rises in Moon Knight #199


The Societé de Sadiques and  “Uncle” Ernst are not done with Marc Spector yet. Marc battles the “man who made him” in Moon Knight #199. As strange things begin to happen Marc cannot rely on Jake Lockley, Steven Grant or even Khonshu to help him. Marc Spector must battle his oldest demon and come out on top if he wants to live!


Moon Knight #199 Cover by Becky Cloonan
Moon Knight #199 Cover by Becky Cloonan

I was hoping the whole Societé de Sadiques storyline was over after the last issue. Having Marc go through there sadistic trial and see how Ernst tried to transform him into a sadistic killer was interesting. It also delved into Marc’s psyche more which has basically been all of Max Bemis’s entire run on the character. I have been enjoying Bemis’s run for the most part. The first few issues with the Sun King was interesting, nothing great but not terribly bad either. It seems though in Moon Knight #199 Bemis is stuck on the same thing he has been since his start. 

Nothing has really moved forward with the story it feels like Bemis’s seems to be solely focusing on one aspect of Marc Spector’s character and nothing else. He has done nothing with his newly introduced daughter Diatrice. Besides mentioning her very often we hardly ever see them interact or actually have a bond to care about. There are also no other B or C plots to hold up the series. Everything is Marc’s related to his mental illness. That is all the issues focus on and it has gotten tired. Maybe if Jeff Lemire’s run before this hadn’t dealt with it for 14 issues and done it so well it might be different but having another 10 issues dealing with it is a little much, especially when it is not as well done.

Moon Knight #199 just doesn’t flow well as a story. Things jump from idea to idea without really nailing anything down and making sense from a narrative standpoint. There are some good story sequences that Bemis has, he just doesn’t seem to let go of focusing solely on Marc’s illness and showcasing other aspects of his character.


The art is the saving grace of Moon Knight #199, Paul Davidson returns with his dynamic, wild cartooning style. I loved his art in issues #195 and #196. He has a wonderful animated style that looks like nothing else on the shelves. His cartooning work on the characters faces is fantastic; he nails the expressions and emotions coming from the characters. I love all the detail he packs into them. From little things on their clothing to the veins in their necks. He also adds all that detail in the backgrounds as well. Even the blank walls have a texture and feel to them that make them come alive.

Matt Milla also adds a nice darker color tone to Moon Knight #199. Mat Lopes previously colored Davidson work and it was a little brighter which I liked for that story. Matt Milla’s darker color palette works well for the gloomier story of Moon Knight #199.


I hate to sound mean or anything but I am happy Max Bemis’s run on Moon Knight is done after issue #200. I did like what he was doing at the beginning but it seems somewhere along the way he got too focused on one aspect of Marc’s life and left everything else out. Moon Knight #199 just continues that same story path. Paul Davidson and Matt Milla’s art is tremendous though, they do an incredible job and I hope to see Davidson on more Marvel books in the future.

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