Review – Moonshine #12 (Image Comics)

Moonshine #12
  • Writing - 6/10
  • Art - 8.8/10
  • Overall - 7.4/10


Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Eduardo Risso
Color Assitant: Cristian Rossi
Letterer & Design: Jared K. Fletcher
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release: July 25, 2018

Lou Pirlo made a dramatic escape from jail; now he is on the run and trying to find his way home.

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Moonshine #12 “The Rougarou of the Bayou”

Lou Pirlo has finally made his escape from the Louisiana chain gang. His inner beast was finally let out in the mess hall of the prison and he did not leave many survivors in his wake. Now Lou is on the run again with seemingly nowhere to go. Back up in the mountains, far away from the Louisiana Bayou, it seems Tempest has struck some sort of deal with Señor L’ago (the old man with the red glasses). He is heading out of the backcountry town with the rest of his NYC gangsters without any moonshine. As Lou struggles to figure out what he has become, and Tempest tries to leave once and for all, nothing goes as planned in Moonshine #12.


Moonshine #12 (Image Comics) cover A by Eduardo Risso
Cover A by Eduardo Risso

Moonshine #12 ends the second six-issue story arc, or “book two” of this series, titled “Misery Train.” This second story arc was a little rougher than the first one for me. It felt like it took a lot longer to get the gears in motion in the story. We spent a lot of time with Lou in the prison, seemingly just waiting for him to escape. We learned a little about his character, but he still mainly remains a mystery after 12 issues; as he is the main character I feel I should know a little more about him. Back up in the mountains, we stayed with the Holt family and Tempest as they still dealt with the NYC gangsters. We were introduced to Señor L’ago earlier in the story, but besides having a cool character design and being a creepy old man we do not learn much about him either.

I really want to know what is up with Señor L’ago. We know he and his partner know quite a bit about werewolves and how to hurt them, and it seems like they have dealt with them before. We still really do not know who they are or really where they came from. I just want a tiny bit of more information about them. It doesn’t have to be enough to spoil the whole mystery—just a little.

I did like the ending to Moonshine #12. It feels like it will open the story up for more things to happen. I really want to like Moonshine, but this arc just crawled at a snail’s pace for me. Brian Azzarello is doing some interesting things that I like as a whole, but the process of getting there is a struggle.


The art in this series continues to be incredible and Moonshine #12 is no different. Eduardo Risso continues to do some masterful work. The flashback or “dream” sequences continue to be mesmerizing. Risso uses a little lighter and tighter inking style that makes the characters a little smoother and flat, while the use of grays and blacks with splashes of red works wonderfully well in the sequence shown in Moonshine #12. The colors are phenomenal throughout the issue. With Cristian Rossi on color assist, the use of yellow and oranges in the swamp sequences are superbly well done. 

The character design by Risso continues to be top-notch as well. Each character has their own individual style and look. The clothing looks fantastic and fits the Prohibition-era setting to a T. Jared K. Fletcher on lettering and design does a fantastic job as well. The whole design of this series is incredible; from the characters’ clothing to the buildings and architecture and the swamps and wooded mountains, everything is detailed and fits into this world perfectly. To steal from the movie Chasing Amy, Eduardo Risso draws an incredible-looking light post in the flashback scene; it looks great.


Overall I like the story of Moonshine; it just feels like it could be a little tighter. Some big things happen in Moonshine #12 that have me excited to see where Azzarello is taking this series, but it is also trying my patience. Some characters, I wish we would get a little more information on, and I wish things would happen just a tiny bit quicker. The art continues to be extraordinarily good; there are beautiful scenes throughout Moonshine #12. Eduardo Risso is doing some masterful work in this series. 

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