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Moonshine #14

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Eduardo Risso
Color Assist: Cristian Rossi
Letters & Design: Jared K. Fletcher
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: December 11, 2019

New Orleans has been good to Lou Pirlo, by his standards. Good food, good people, and plenty of ways to make “easy” money. But Lou Pirlo might have just made another deal with another devil.


Soul Meets Body – Moonshine #14

Oh, Lou Pirlo seems to keep making bad decisions in Moonshine #14. Things were looking up for our troubled man. His girl Delia has got some family in New Orleans that may be able to cure him of his lycanthropy, but that comes at a cost. Lou Pirlo won’t have trouble making money in Louisiana. He knows easy money can be found in the seediest of places and New Orleans has plenty of those. Though he has never kept proper company, Lou may have made another “friend” that is a devil in disguise. 


Moonshine #14 (Image Comics) cover by Eduardo Risso
Moonshine #14 (Image Comics) cover by Eduardo Risso

Moonshine #14 might be one of my favorite issues of the series. These past two issues of this new story arc have been fantastic. Maybe it is because Azzarello has built up Pirlo as a very unique character. Those seeds he has planted about him are starting to bloom; I was completely glued to the story across the pages.

Azzarello does a fantastic job of having this creeping nefarious tone across the story in Moonshine #14. Somehow he invokes this devilish, eerie feeling that, even with things going seemingly well, it is all going bad at the same time. He keeps the reader on their toes and never gives that sense of settling down or that everything is going to be okay.

I still love the mystery of Lou, as well. We have slowly gotten glimpses of his past and sister, and this issue starts to build upon that. Azzarello keeps adding new and interesting characters in Lou’s life, as well. Delia’s sisters and this new man coming into play introduce some new dynamics. Plus Azzarello doesn’t forget about what happened in the first story arc. He slowly starts to bring that back into play in Moonshine #14.


Eduardo Risso has always delivered some tremendous art in this series. In Moonshine #14 he has some stunning pages right from the start. It starts with three pages of flashbacks. Set to a five-panel grid, Risso paints a wicked depiction of Pirlo’s unsavory money-making, wild night, and possible beast unleashed. It has those great black and white colors with red splashed in that Risso has used often. Visually, it looks great; it catches the eye and just looks perfect. From a storytelling standpoint, it sets everything up for the issue at hand perfectly and delivers some mystery and intrigue.

A lot of that devilish, eerie undertone with the story has to do with Risso’s artwork. He has an uncanny way of making the characters all look like they are hiding something or have ulterior motives. With little gleams in their eyes or, placing them in shadows, Risso invokes that creepy, unsettling tone perfectly in his art. 

Moonshine #14 is just structured so well from a visual and storytelling standpoint. The colors evoke all kinds of emotions. Then the panels play so well with pacing. All the while, it tells a story visually as well.


Moonshine #14 adds a lot to the story of Lou Pirlo and puts another twist into his already curvy life. The setting of Prohibition-era New Orleans makes for some delightful visuals. This is slowly turning into my favorite story arc of the series. Mystery and intrigue abound, while the beast continues to lurk in the background of every page. The creative team is doing some fantastic work and making this series into a must read.

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