Review – Moonshine #16 (Image Comics)

Moonshine #16 (image Comics)
Moonshine #16
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  • Art - 9.5/10
  • Overall - 9.5/10
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Writer: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Eduardo Risso

Letterer & Design: Jared K. Fletcher

Color Assistant: Cristian Rossi

Maturity Rating: Mature

Publisher: Image Comics

Release: February 12, 2020

The monster inside of Lou Pirlo has caused damage before but now under the control of Jean-Baptiste things are about to get a lot more bloodier.


Loup Garou Comes to Town in Moonshine #16

The beast is unleashed in Moonshine #16. In is path to make a quick buck Lou Pirlo has trusted the wrong person. Voodoo Priest Jean-Baptiste knew the power that Lou Pirlo held and now he has control over it. With the werewolf doing Jean-Baptiste’s bidding it will be a bloody night in New Orleans. But what are the connections of Jean-Baptiste and Delia? Does Lou’s love have something to hide as well? With the monster under the control by another monster things do not fair well for the citizens of New Orleans. If you live in the Big Easy it is best you stay in tonight because the loup garou is on the prowl!


Brian Azzarello let all the tension loose in Moonshine #16. I think I spoke about it in my previous reviews. But you could feel the mounting tension in this story arc from the beginning. You could “feel” Azzarello building the story up to something and it is unleashed in a very satisfying manner in this issue.

Azzarello has paced this arc extremely well. I loved how he has teased things out. From the ominous first warning about Jean-Baptiste to his slow introduction, to taking over Lou’s soul. It was a great slow roll to a new “villain” for the series. Azzarello also continues to build up the character of Lou Pirlo well. We have slowly peeled back the layers of him and I actually felt a little bad of the knucklehead in this issue. I mean he is still a hard guy to like but Azzarello has built him into an interesting person to follow.

I also love how the werewolf aspect of the series is not played out too much. We do not get to see a lot of mayhem from Lou Pirlo’s beastly side. Azzarello does a great job of letting that simmer and then brings it to a wonderful boil. That anticipation and not seeing it that much really makes an issues like this stand out.


Moonshine #16 (Image Comics)
Moonshine #16 (Image Comics): Writer: Brian Azzarello Artist: Eduardo Risso

I am not really sure what else I can say about Eduardo Risso’s art? He continues to shine magnificently in Moonshine #16. It is a stunning book to look at and this is a very violent, gory issue that Risso details brilliantly. Again the werewolf aspect and violence of the series is hinted at greatly but it gets held off a lot. Either showing a glimmer of teeth, splattered blood, a beastly form in the shadows. It is teased a lot and then unleashed to delightfully horrific affect in this issue.

The Moonshine team has done that precise thing perfectly throughout the series. We do not see a lot of blood, extreme gore or the werewolf for that matter. It is usually all hinted at or vaguely seen in the shadows. Until issues like Moonshine #16 where it is all presented out in the open. For me it helps in the shock and awe department. We aren’t exposed to it all the time so when it is shown like this it is all the more shocking for the story.

I also don’t get to talk about the werewolf design that much. But Eduardo Risso hits the sweet spot for me. It looks like a mix of the classic wolf-man type design with the An American Werewolf in London design. So you have this glorious bi-pedal beast gracing the pages.

The whole design of the series continues to be phenomenal. Along with Risso, Jared K. Fletcher and Cristian Rossi should be greatly praised for just how this series looks. From the colors to characters, the architecture the whole feel of the art is perfect for the series.


Moonshine #16 is another wonderful entry into this series. It is another one of the issues where the werewolf horror them hits hard. We learn why Jean-Baptiste has set his eyes on Lou Pirlo and it is not just for his beastly alter ego. The series continues to be visually stunning and this issue is just tremendously pleasing to look at in a grisly type of way.


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