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Moonshine #19
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Moonshine #19

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Eduardo Risso
Color Assist: Cristian Rossi
Letterer & Design: Jared K. Fletcher
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: July 15, 2020

Temptest makes her play at revenge as Lou Pirlo tries to pull himself up from the depths of despair once again.


“City Wolf” Moonshine #19


Moonshine #19 finds Tempest finding her way into the arms of Joe. Lou Pirlo’s old crime boss and a major cause of all of her troubles back home. Tempest has big plans for Joe before she sinks her teeth into him. Will she continue her plan or get trapped up in the big city life of glitz and glamour? Lou Pirlo on the other hand is once again down on his luck and is now in what seems a constant drunken stupor. Which is not a good thing when you are a werewolf who tends to rip people apart at night.

As Lou tries to get his life back on track once again it is not going to be easy. What he does at night has brought some investigation from two detectives Dick and Eliot. Seems there has been a rash of brutal murders around the city.  Could this be the work of the butcher serial killer or they on the tail of the monster Lou has become?


MOONSHINE #19 WRITER Brian Azzarello ARTIST Eduardo Risso COVER A Eduardo Risso
MOONSHINE #19 WRITER Brian Azzarello
ARTIST Eduardo Risso
COVER A Eduardo Risso

I have been a fan of Moonshine since the start, while not always the greatest; the werewolf, crime, the prohibition-era drama has always struck an interesting cord. Azzarello has weaved a wild tale of crime, love, and the supernatural. But Moonshine #19 brings up some problems for the continuing story.

Azzarello since the beginning seems to be playing the long game here, but getting to Moonshine #19 I am kind of struggling to see where this story is going? Moonshine #19 does not do much for any of the characters. It kind of feels like we are in the same spot as the previous issue. 

Lou is an exceptionally frustrating character as he hasn’t seemed to have grown or learned from any of his previous experiences. The whole experience story-wise for Moonshine #19 is a bit frustrating. I like the book a lot but this is the first issue I kind of felt like dropping the series. It just didn’t hold my interest or deliver anything gripping in the story or characters. The story has always been a bit vague on what or where we are heading. But now 19 issues in it is becoming a problem


While the story of Moonshine has had its ups and downs Moonshine #19 is a big down here Eduardo Risso always continues to deliver some spectacular art. I have reviewed a lot of issues of this series and I don’t know if I can add anything to the visual pleasure Eduardo Risso delivers. Some great pages throughout Moonshine #19 as always.

Wonderful character design and an overall design for the series. Just love how well this prohibition era is captured through the art. The clothing, the world design is just all tremendously displayed by the art team. You can look at this book and be immediately transported into this time and this world.

The coloring continues to be fantastic in Moonshine #19. Just love the blues, yellows, reds, and purples used throughout this issue and the series as a whole. They do a wonderful job of setting moods and tones with the coloring work.


Moonshine #19 was not a strong issue for the series. It does not push anything forward with the stories or characters. While introducing these new detectives a possible serial killer and the likes started an interesting concept in the previous issue. Moonshine #19 failed to capture any momentum for the series and lost my interest after the first few pages.

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