Review – Moonshine #23 (Image Comics)

Moonshine #23 (Image Comics) cover (detail) by Eduardo Risso
  • Writing - 5/10
  • Art - 8.8/10
  • Overall - 6.9/10

Moonshine #23

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Eduardo Risso
Color Assist: Cristian Rossi
Letterer & Design: Jared K. Fletcher
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: March 24, 2021

Lou comes back to New York City, while Tempest makes her claim to be the top “dog” of the city.

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“Big City Life” Moonshine #23

Well, Moonshine is not over; the Prohibition-era gangster, werewolf, crime, horror book continues in Moonshine #23. We find Lou Pirlo back in New York City and he is looking to take down his old boss. But with Tempest continuing her climb to the top, she is looking to take over the bootlegging empire that destroyed her family back in the Virginia Mountains. One Big Apple and two werewolves that used to have a thing for each other will cause all sorts of trouble. Can Lou stay sober enough to make his plan work? And what does Tempest have up her sleeve in Moonshine #23?


Moonshine #23 (Image Comics) cover by Eduardo Risso
Moonshine #23 (Image Comics) cover by Eduardo Risso

Look, I was pretty certain this series was over with the last issue. I have not written a review since issue #19, but had been keeping up with it. The series had taken a big downfall for me. That whole previous story arc with the whole serial killer thing and all was just not the greatest. I really do not know what happened with Lou that whole arc. Honestly, the series as a whole, after the first volume, has been very hit-or-miss. So, I was very surprised to see Moonshine #23 appear this week.

Brian Azzarello is a talented writer but he seems to have lost the story plot in this series. Moonshine #23 seems to be coming back to its beginnings bringing Tempest and Lou back together while also bringing some other things back from the first volume. Azzarello seems to catch me with the first issue of each arc. He brings in some interesting things and I get a little excited, but then it all seems to get jumbled by the end of the story arc. I am hoping this is not the case for this new story arc as well.

Honestly, I can’t really tell you much if anything about Lou Pirlo has changed from the first issue; he still seems like the same exact guy. I do not feel like we have learned much about him at all. Tempest has had a good story progression so far, and I am interested to see where she goes. But I also do not have my hopes up that by the end of this story any of it will come together.


I mean, Eduardo Risso is still on art with color assist by Cristian Rossi, so Moonshine #23 and the series as a whole is pretty to look at. Moonshine #23 starts off with a delightfully-depicted scene of a moonlit city park. An ill-fated couple meets a bloodthirsty werewolf. Risso captures the scene superbly well. I adore the use of blacks and purples used to capture the light. Risso plays with the darkness and space well, depicting the horrifying sequences with wonderful effect.

I do think the scene of the werewolf attacking could have been sequenced a tad bit better. I just don’t like the layout of it well. Everything leading up to it is utterly fantastic, but the final scene of the werewolf attacking is lackluster. Plus, I am not a huge fan of how this particular werewolf looks. Risso normally does an excellent job with them, but, slight spoiler: the blonde hair on top of the head is just odd-looking. 

Other than those slight complaints Risso continues to shine with his period character and scenery depiction. Fantastic overall design for the series. Great character work and acting from Risso. He certainly brings this whole world to vivid life with tremendous detail throughout the issue.


Moonshine #23 is a surprising book, in that I was sure it was over. I guess the series needs a better ending than what was presented in issue #22. The issue actually does start off strong with some interesting story points happening. But, that does not give me high hopes for this story arc. Hopefully Azzarello starts bringing some story points together. Moonshine continues to chug along and I hope it stays on the tracks this time.

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