Review- Motor Crush #3

  • Writer: Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, & Cameron Stewart
  • Artist: Babs Tarr & Cameron Stewart
  • Colors: Heather Danforth
  • Production Assistant: Heather Danforth
  • Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: February 8, 2017

(Spoiler Free)


Domino Swift’s double life is about to catch up with her. On one hand she is the adopted daughter of a racing legend and soon to be a breakout star on the WPG circuit if she can keep her winning ways and on the other hand, she is “cricket” the best illegal street racer “The Cannonball” circuit has ever seen. She races illegally to fuel her motor drug “crush” addiction (which is highly illegal to use) and to keep her alive. Once she finds her former flame/pro team mechanic Lola in trouble with the mob she makes a deal with the mob boss to save her, but with her “crush” supply running out can she keep it together not only to save her family but herself as well or will she crash and burn leaving her life in the dust?

The story of Motor Crush #3 is very energetic and high-octane, it has a lively, speedy feel to it. That is the good and bad thing about this story. It feels true to the bike racing element of the story, things happen fast and rarely slow down which is great for the racing and battle scenes, but it does not fair so well with the characters. I feel like things are moving a little too fast for the characters to be fully developed or realized. The scenes go from one to the next without a real slowdown to let the characters breathe, I think it would help some if we just had an issue that didn’t follow the main plot of Domino being addicted to “crush” and then dealing with the mob. This would be hard to go back to now since all of this has been introduced so fast, but a nice slowdown issue of her just racing or something would have been nice just to spend some down time with the character.

Motor Crush #3 coverArt:

Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart’s art is still the main attraction to this book for me. They just have some wonderful character designs and bring this world to life. I love the use of the bright pinks and white they really pop off the page and catch the eye. They also do a fantastic job on drawing these bikes, they look great. The Cannonball illegal street races continue to be the highlight and the different designs of the street gangs are always fun to see.  The last cliff hanger scene in the book is beautifully rendered and I love the glow of pink with the reflection in the visor very haunting reminds of one of my favorite movies Drive


Motor Crush #3 continues Domino Swift’s downward spiral attempting to live a double life. With her addiction to “crush” starting to affect her pro racing career will she be able to keep it together to save her family and herself? I like the idea of Motor Crush and it has some really great characters and concepts, but it is just moving a little bit too fast (I know that is weird to say about a book that is about motorcycle racing).  The characters need a little bit of time to settle down and maybe have a one-shot issue that does not follow the main story line. The art team still does a wonderful job and their colors pop off the page along with their fantastic character designs, the art still remains the main catch for this series.

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