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Murder Falcon #1
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  • Art - 9.8/10
  • Overall - 9.2/10
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Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus Wooton & Daniel Warren Johnson

Maturity Rating: Mature

Publisher: Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics

Release: October 10, 2018

Murder Falcon comes from “The Heavy” but he needs the power of Metal Music to fuel his fighting; luckily Jake has that fuel!


“Seek & Destroy” Murder Falcon #1

Like everyone, Jake has had ups and downs in his life. Jake has had something terrible happen, and it has kept him down for a long time. He used to love playing “Metal” music and he could thrash on the guitar with the best of them. But tragedies in life have made him put down the ax and broken up his band. Every one implores Jake to play, but he just can’t. That is, until monsters start showing up on Earth and “Murder Falcon” needs Jake’s heavy metal licks to fight them off. “Murder Falcon” is, well, a giant humanoid falcon-like creature with a giant metal arm. He comes from “The Heavy” universe and is here to stop these monsters, but he can only fight if Jake shreds on the guitar. It is time to turn up the volume as Jake picks up his guitar once again to fight evil with the power of Metal in Murder Falcon #1!


Murder Falcon #1 (Skybound Image Comics) cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson
Cover by Daniel Warren Johnson

Daniel Warren Johnson is having a lot of fun writing Murder Falcon #1. You can feel it coming off the pages. The concept of having a giant metal-armed falcon man fighting monsters through the power of shredding guitar licks is as goofy as they come. Johnson plays this concept up throughout the issue. Just thinking about the concept puts a smile on my face. But don’t let the silly concept fool you; Johnson packs a lot of heart into Murder Falcon #1.

I was a big fan of Johnson’s previous series, Extremity. That story had so much emotion in it that for a little bit it felt like Murder Falcon #1 was just for Johnson to let loose and be silly. That is not completely the case, though. Johnson puts a lot of emotion into this issue. I won’t spoil it, but Jake had a good reason for putting down the guitar. Honestly, the reason almost feels a little cliché if Johnson had not put so much heart into the story. The essay in the back also helps tremendously, as Johnson explains how Murder Falcon came about. These little essays by Johnson are always fantastic and really help the story evolve even more.


Anytime we get some Daniel Warren Johnson art is a good time. His style is very dynamic; he puts so much “motion” and energy into his drawings. His monsters look as great as ever; just as in Extremity, I love to see what kind of crazy designs he is going to come up with next. Talking about character designs, Murder Falcon looks great. The giant metal arm, the bandana—it is like an ’80s cartoon that loves nothing more than heavy metal, beer and killing monsters. Johnson is also great at character “acting” in his art; he has a way of immediately conveying to the reader how the character feels by the way their face looks or what their body language is showing.

He also lays out Murder Falcon #1. Speeding things up with his dynamic panel structure when Jake starts to shred and having the scene end with a bang. Then also slowing things down for the more dramatic scenes by structuring the panels in a more “organized” way.

Johnson’s “teammates” from Extremity are also on Murder Falcon #1. Mike Spicer again does some phenomenal coloring work. It seems he uses a little darker color palette in this series and it works extremely well for the tone. He adds in some nice bright oranges and yellows to balance the darker elements out as well. My favorite letterer, Rus Wooton, is also on board and he has a lot to play with when Jake starts playing the guitar. I love the way he plays with those “sounds” across the pages and panels.


If you are a fan of Daniel Warren Johnson then obviously you will want to pick this up. If you have never read any of his stuff then what are you doing with your life? But seriously, if not, you really should buy Murder Falcon #1; it is a fun, high octane romp that also has a lot of heart to it as well. I have been following Johnson on social media as he has been talking about this project, and to see it finally in the “flesh” is awesome. I can’t say enough good things about this issue. Just go pick it up and enjoy!

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