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Murder Falcon
Murder Falcon #2
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Murder Falcon #2

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson 
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Skybound Entertainment 
Release: November 14, 2018
Murder Falcon and Jake have to find some help to face the ever increasing strength of the monsters attacking.


“Fight Fire with Fire” Murder Falcon #2


Murder Falcon has come from a world known as “The Heavy” powered by Jakes heavy metal riffs he can defeat the monsters invading. Jake has overcome his loss and picked up his ax to help defeat the threat. But in Murder Falcon #2 the monsters are getting stronger. Jake will need to get his estranged band mates back together to summon more righteous beast from The Heavy to defeat them!


Murder Falcon #2 Cover B Heavy Metal Variant Andrei Bressan & Adriano Lucas Heavy Metal Cover

So, the biggest question for me after Murder Falcon #1 was how the story would hold up? It is a far out there concept with a humanoid Falcon with a giant robotic arm fueled by the power of metal fighting monsters. It is one of those concepts that is funny and awesome but can also wear thin without any substance to it. Luckily in Murder Falcon #2 Johnson continues to add some substance to the story while still being crazy as ever. 

Jakes struggle to pick up his guitar since his wife’s death helped keep a little seriousness to the story. In Murder Falcon #2 Jake has to get his band mates back together. He abounded his friends after his loss and now it isn’t time to heal those wounds.

Johnson does a good job in balancing the goofiness of the story while adding in some heart to the story. It is not perfect but Murder Falcon #2 has enough seriousness to it to not get fully lost in the absurdity and become a one off joke.


Daniel Warren Johnson’s art is as beautiful and dynamic as ever. No one does action quite like Johnson and he packs Murder Falcon #2 with some compelling images. Johnson creates some spectacular visuals as Murder Falcon battles against some grotesque creatures. He also catches the emotional aspects of the series as Jake and his friend have a heart to heart.

Mike Spicer’s colors are stunning. He uses some wonderfully bright colorations throughout Murder Falcon #2. I love Rus Wooton’s lettering, he is my favorite letterer in comics. He just adds such a “flare” to every series he is on. The energy he puts into the scenes with his “sound effects” are just delightful.


Daniel Warren Johnson is an incredible artist and he continues to show that in Murder Falcon #2. After his emotional Extremity series it seems like he is having a little bit more fun with Murder Falcon. He still has some heart in the series, but it is also a lot of wacky fun as well. Having some seriousness to the series with dealing with loss and coming back from it helps it keep from being a one off joke. Adding in new characters from the “Heavy” also keeps it interesting as well. I don’t know how long this series will go on for but I am on board to “Ride the Lightning” until the end!

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