Review – Murder Falcon #3 (Skybound/Image Comics)

Murder Falcon #3
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  • Art - 8.9/10
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Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Skybound/Image Comics
Release Date: December 12, 2018

Murder Falcon and Mastodon Halford are powered by Jake’s sweet guitar riffs and Johann’s bass licks. They are a monster fighting crew, but what beast will the drums summon from the depths?


“The Thing That Should Not Be” Murder Falcon #3

Jake has made amends with one of his bandmates, Johann. His monstrous bass licks bring a giant Mastodon from the Heavy to help Murder Falcon battle the monsters invading Earth. They still need to make the band complete, but what is a band without a drummer? Jake will once again have to reconcile with his friends if they are going to save the world. The band is getting back together, and when the drumbeat is laid down, what kind of creature will arise from the Heavy to help out in Murder Falcon #3


Murder Falcon #3 (Skybound Image Comics) cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson
Cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson

Murder Falcon is a strange, strange book. Daniel Warren Johnson is toeing that line of being serious yet incredibly goofy at the same time. I find myself more and more liking the “human” aspect of the series. In Murder Falcon #3 we find out more of what happened to Jake’s wife/girlfriend. Obviously, some disease took her life, but we learned more about how that affected Jake and his bandmates and how they eventually separated. Johnson also allows us to see the story not only from Jake’s perspective but his friends’ perspectives as well. It makes for a nice well-rounded story, seeing it from everyone’s point of view.

I am hoping this may be the last issue of “getting the band back together.” It is fun and it worked well for these past two issues, but I am ready for some new things and for the story to progress a little. We have had teasers about this ominous badguy that is sending all of these creatures to Earth, and I am ready for him to make a bigger impact. 

The one thing that does, surprisingly, continue to work well in Murder Falcon #3 is Murder Falcon himself saying ridiculous things. That should be old by issue three but I still find myself smirking and smiling while he says things like “the shred detector of course.”


The best thing about Murder Falcon #3 and the series as a whole is seeing what crazy monsters Daniel Warren Johnson is going to deliver. He continues to not disappoint in this aspect, as he has a whole new batch of monsters to unleash on our eyes. I love just the energy that Johnson puts into his art. There is just a vibe like none other to his action sequences. You can feel the speed and power coming off the pages.

He also continues to excel at expressing his characters’ emotions through facial expressions and body language. He catches little nuances that enhance the story greatly. I don’t like a few of the panel angles or shots in Murder Falcon #3; it is nothing bad, I just think some angles on some scenes could look a little better.

Mike Spicer‘s colors, again, work tremendously well and fit Daniel Warren Johnson’s pencils and inks perfectly. Rus Wooton’s lettering is just fantastic. The font choices and just the way he places the letters enhance the reading experience like none other. He continues to be my favorite letterer in comics.


Murder Falcon has just enough seriousness to it to make the whole absurdity not become old and stale. That was the biggest obstacle this series had to overcome. If books are weird and goofy just to be weird and goofy, that usually outstays its welcome after two issues. Usually the jokes become old. Johnson injects some true heart into the story and focuses enough on our characters and their relationships to keep all the goofy aspects fun and enjoyable. Murder Falcon is not a perfect book, but you are missing out on a lot if you are not picking it up!

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