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Naomi #1
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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Letterer: Josh Reed
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: January 23, 2019

Naomi is obsessed with Superman, but he would never come to her town. Plus nothing “super” ever happened there. That is, until today, and a wide new world is opened up to her!

“Waiting for Superman” Naomi #1

DC Comics presents Naomi #1, another entry into DC Comics’ “Wonder Comics” Imprint. This, apparently, is in DC Continuity but focuses more on teen heroes. Two weeks ago, Young Justice #1 launched the Wonder Comics line, and now Naomi lands. Naomi #1 follows a high school girl from a very small town where nothing ever happens. No superheroes, no villains, no big battles. That is, until one day Superman and Mongul land in their town for a second. Naomi is obsessed with Superman and the idea that she, too, being adopted like him, is something special. But, just because she is adopted doesn’t mean anything… I mean, nothing “super” has ever happened in her town until now—or has it?


Naomi #1 (DC Comics) main cover by Jamal Campbell
Main cover by Jamal Campbell

Brian Michael Bendis teams up with David F. Walker in Naomi #1. You can definitely feel the “Bendis” in this issue, as he is famous for his talking heads (the twelve-panel grid makes a few appearances) and abundance of back-and-forth banter. Bendis has toned that down quite a bit with his tenure at DC, but it comes back in force with this issue and it works surprisingly well. The issue flowed nicely and I got more invested the more I read.

David F. Walker is a favorite writer of mine and he has been doing a great job with his creator-owned series Bitter Root over at Image Comics recently. Walker seems to add a bit of levity to Naomi #1; he adds a gripping tone and feel to the series, while letting Bendis do his thing as well. David F. Walker and Bendis work superbly well together, as they seem to balance each other out throughout the issue.

I was really surprised at how “contagious” the story was. It feels a little cliche as you read it, but it also captures your attention. That is one thing about cliches: when done well, they work well; when done badly, they are just bad. The mystery built up about the town and Naomi is also captured extremely well by Walker and Bendis. The cast of characters is also fleshed out for a #1 issue. We get an idea of who everyone is and how they fit in Naomi’s life pretty well in the few pages they are featured.


Jamal Campbell handles all of the art duties in Naomi #1, and it is normally a style I don’t like, but man does it fit right at home with this series. By “don’t like” I mean the characters are a little stiff, they don’t really have that movement or animation to them that I like to see. It does make some of the facial expressions look very odd at times. Campbell has a nice tight and detailed style and the lack of “movement” does fit this “walking and talking” type story.

His characters are wonderfully done; his Superman looks exquisite. He looks like the compassionate hero he is supposed to be. Campbell also uses a nice technique in a few scenes of having the main characters more brightly colored and standing out from the more faded-out characters in the background.

The coloring work by Campbell stands out the most to me in Naomi #1. The brighter color palette just gives the issue a charm and delightfully fun feel. You cannot help but not to smile at those pages of Superman picking up a truck with the sun shining in the background. The art just adds this charm to the book. It is hard to explain; it looks photogenic and almost painterly in style. Like I stated previously, something that I normally personally don’t like, but you can’t deny it works for this series.


Naomi #1 is another solid release for this Wonder Comics imprint. The characters are well done and the mystery is actually pretty intriguing. The art, while the style is not my personal favorite, looks great and fits the series perfectly. I did not know anything about Naomi #1 coming into it but it has me hooked for the second issue.

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