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Naomi #2
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Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: February 20, 2019

Naomi has some questions for the town’s resident mechanic. Like: what does he know about a past superhero event in the town and how it coincides with her adoption day? Oh, and how does he know what day she was adopted on, anyway?


The Mystery Continues in Naomi #2

Naomi has become even more obsessed with Superman since his battle with Mongul landed in her small town for a few seconds. Superman even stopped back by to help clean up the mess! Naomi thought this was the first big superhero event to ever happen in her town. She was wrong. The hulking town mechanic knows something else about a previous happening in the town, 17 years ago, on Naomi’s adoption day. Naomi believes this might have something to do with her and her birth parents. The excitement almost overwhelms her! But how does the town mechanic know when she was adopted? Find out in Naomi #2.


Naomi #2 (DC Comics) cover by Jamal Campbell
Cover by Jamal Campbell

David F. Walker and Brian Michael Bendis continue to weave a fantastic little mystery in Naomi #2. They are pacing this series incredibly well. The issue feels long enough that we get good answers and insights to this new character, Naomi, but the mystery also continues to build. I like that we are also focusing on Naomi a lot. Walker and Bendis have developed her character superbly well after only two issues. As a reader, I already feel like I have a good grasp on her character.

The writers are weaving a nice origin story for what looks like a new hero in the DC Universe (this cover for Naomi #6 kind of spoils things a little). I like that they are taking the time to develop her and that we are getting to know the character before she probably gets powers or something along those lines. I do wonder how the story will unfold after the mystery is solved? Naomi #1 and Naomi #2 are both centrally focused on Naomi figuring out the mystery of her parents and the superhero event in her town. I figure that will be the main focus until it is resolved. It has me interested to see where the writers will take the character and the cast of her book after that.

Speaking of cast, Bendis and Walker also continue to build up a great cast of characters around Naomi. In the first issue, we got to know her friends a little bit. In Naomi #2 we get a little more time with her adoptive parents. It is a great job by the writers to build up a whole different cast of characters around her that makes her story all the more interesting.


I still have the same view of Jamal Campbell’s art from my review of Naomi #1. In general, it is a style that is not my favorite. The characters feel a little stiff and the facial expressions look odd at times. I am also not superbly hyped on his coloring; it feels a little “flat”. All that being said, he does do some truly stunning work in Naomi #2. I adore background detail and Campbell delivers it in spades in Naomi #2. He fills Naomi’s room with posters, books and other little knick-knacks that make it feel “real”. Every scene is filled with nice, small details that bring the whole issue together.

There are also some great two-page splash pages in Naomi #2. I won’t say what they are, to not spoil anything, but they look beautiful. It is kind of shocking when you turn the page to the big two-page spreads. The issue is a lot of talking heads and then bam! Campbell hits you with a force of art. It is a nice jarring effect and you will be looking at those pages for quite some time to catch all the wonderful detail.

I also love Campbell playing around with different perspectives and angles for “shots” or panels. He has one shot of the mechanic standing over Naomi and the perspective he gives makes the mechanic look much larger and it is a great storytelling effect. On a side note, those tattoos on the mechanic must be a pain in the butt to draw every time!


If I had just read the solicit for Naomi I probably would have skipped it. It sounds a little boring or cliché. An adopted girl, small town, mystery, probably has powers. It doesn’t sound anything really that interesting, but the creative team has woven a fantastic tale and really wrapped me up in this story as a reader. While the art style is not a favorite of mine, Campbell does some stunning work in this issue; those couple of two-page spreads are something to marvel at. If you skipped over Naomi I suggest you give it chance; the creative team on this series is doing some fantastic work.

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