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Naomi #3 (DC Comics) cover(detail) by Jamal Campbell
Naomi #3
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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: March 20, 2019

Naomi’s past is starting to be revealed but is she ready to accept the answers?


“Where You Come From” Naomi #3


Since Naomi #1 teenager Naomi has been searching for answers. Who are her adopted parents? Why is she so obsessed with Superman? She wants to believe she is destined to be a hero but is it true? It seems the literal larger than life local mechanic Dee knows more about Naomi than he should. Why does he have a picture with a young girl that looks like Naomi and a lady? Is Dee her real father? In Naomi #3 she confronts Dee head on and gets answers to hard questions. But sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction!


Naomi #3 (DC Comics) cover by Jamal Campbell
Naomi #3 (DC Comics) cover by Jamal Campbell

I am in a bit of a hard place with the story in Naomi #3. For one part I am enjoying this mystery. Walker and Bendis have been building it up well over the past issues and it is fun that we are getting these little revelations about the character. On the other hand, this issue wasn’t the best at building up the character. I found the title a little more interesting when Naomi was talking with her friends and family and we got to learn more about her as a person. This issue is more about revelations about other things.

It is not bad just not as gripping as I feel it should have been. I am still keenly interested in what exactly Naomi is? We are again left with a big teaser at the end of this issue that has me questioning some things. A lot happens in this issue but again not a lot happens either. It all takes place in a pretty short amount of “time” as in maybe an hour in Naomi’s world. I do like the dialogue quite a bit, it seems Walker and Bendis work incredibly well together in catching the flow of conversations.


Jamal Campbell continues to deliver some pretty pages in Naomi #3. It does feel like throughout the series about halfway through each issue the team realizes Campbell’s art really shines on bigger action pages, so they throw in a big splash page or two. Which they do once again in Naomi #3. Again it looks fantastic. The two-page spread in this issue looks tremendous. Campbell catches wonderful detail and the page looks incredible. He has a knack for making heroes look mesmerizing with an Alex Ross type feel to these pages.

I am not a huge fan of Campbell’s coloring work. The washed out kind of faded feel looks a little off. I am not really sure what it is but the coloring just does not have that “pop” to it. It makes everything look a little bland. Campbell does excel with some of these bigger splash pages and even the smaller talking head panels look good. It still is a little “stiff” though. I would like the characters to have a little movement to them.


Naomi continues to be an interesting series. I like this mystery surrounding this new character and some of the teases and questions that are brought up in Naomi #3. I guess the big thing is do I care? My interest in or caring for the character started to wane a little bit on this issue. I am still on board, but if issue #4 doesn’t pick up the story a little bit I might be jumping off.

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