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Naomi #5
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Naomi #5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release: May 15, 2019

Naomi’s secrets are all laid out on the table we learn her true origins and power!


No Secrets, Naomi #5


Well, if you have been reading Naomi (you can check out my reviews here) then Naomi #5 is the issue you have been waiting for. Previously we learned that Naomi’s adopted dad was actually an elite soldier from Planet Rann (hello Adam Strange). He had chased Dee the giant mechanic that Naomi thought maybe was her birth father to Earth. Dee was a supposed Thanagarian (Hawkman/Hawkgirl home planet) terrorist that her adopted dad was to capture.

They both kinds of decided everything was okay and they tired of their lives battling for their respective alien planets. Naomi’s adopted dad met a girl fell in love and everything was fine. Until a portal popped up and Dee and her dad had to fight off people they had never seen before a man and woman where killed and another hulking man was sent back through the portal. The lady was protecting someone and that happened to be baby Naomi! Now all of her secrets are revealed in this issue! 


Naomi#5 (DC Comics)main cover by Jamal Campbell
Naomi#5 (DC Comics)main cover by Jamal Campbell

David F. Walker and Brian Micahel Bendis took a little of a gamble slowly teasing out this new characters origins over five issues. I was surprised how well they teased everything and Naomi #5 pays off for the wait.  Now, this issue follows the same format as the previous issues. We get a few regular pages and then a few two pages spread to show off Jamal Campbell’s work. Walker and Bendis use this to their advantage in displaying Naomi’s origin.

This issue features a lot of talking heads and a ton of words. It seems a little daunting at first when you turn the pages to see some walls of dialogue, but again Walker and Bendis handle it well and the issue actually flows pretty well.  The reason it succeeds, in my opinion, is that they have made Naomi and her cast of characters interesting. In that I actually want to know her origin and know more about her so, it made the build-up worth it. 

The ending is a great little teaser as well. I obviously won’t spoil anything, but the big conclusion is coming up and the next issue looks to be an all-out action piece.


Jamal Campbell continues to display some wonderful artwork in Naomi #5. Obviously, Bendis and Walker have been playing to his strong points throughout this series with these gorgeous two-page spreads. The sequential work still feels a little stagnate at times, but he certainly delivers some spectacular pages.

I am not sure if Campbell gets the credit for designing Naomi’s costume/armor, but I dig it. It has that nice “simple” feel to it. There are not too many lines our things happening it has a nice toned down design that looks great.

You got to give some love to letterer Wes Abbott for Naomi #5. Like I said there are a ton of words. From dialogue balloons to paragraphs of text. Abbott had his work cut out for him in this issue and he delivers some fantastic lettering that makes the issue and “easy” read.


This is the issue that answers almost all of our questions! Where we learn all about Naomi’s past. Who are her birth parents? Where did she come from? Does she have special powers? All the secrets are revealed in Naomi #5. You can’t miss this issue if you are a fan of the series. It really is a solid origin story and actually, a fun read. Some crazy things are revealed that are going to affect the DCU big time and sets up what seems to be an exciting next issue.


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