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New Men #2
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New Men #2

Writer: Murewa Ayodele
Artist: Dotun Akande
Letterer: Dotun Akande
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Action Lab 
Release Date: April 22, 2020

Shade hunts down New Men. She is the best agent at her job. Now Faith, newly getting her powers, is on her list; things get wild for the both of them in New Men #2.


New Wave in New Men #2

In the first issue of New Men, we were introduced to a world where anybody could have “superpowers”. All you had to do was have faith and risk death. We were introduced to two young lovers who did just that: jumping off the top of a building and plummeting to the ground below, dreaming of what powers they would behold. Though, only one of them survived. Now in New Men #2 Faith, at only fifteen, has to come to terms with the death of her boyfriend and her extraordinary new powers. 

New Men #2 (Action Lab) cover by Dotun Akande
New Men #2 (Action Lab) cover by Dotun Akande

That is enough to deal with, but in New Men #2 she is also being hunted by Shade, the most prolific Anti-New Man agent around. The government doesn’t like these “New Men” super-powered beings and regulates them with swift justice. Shade loves her job, and she is the best at it. Killing “New Men” is her one and only purpose. As Shade hunts down Faith things get drastic for the both of them in New Men #2.


Writer Murewa Ayodele focuses more on the character of Shade in New Men #2. It is a good switch-up from the first issue that kind of introduced us to this world and what was happening. Shade was shown a bit, but this issue gets you into her character a bit more. She is still a mystery, but she is much more well fleshed out now.

Again, I really like the concept of this series. The general idea of trying to defy death to gain power is a nice little concept. Coupled with the government agency wanting to keep these “New Men” under control. It is a fun idea that gives Ayodele a lot of different things to play with in his story.

The story itself in New Men #2 still needs a bit more focus, though. It has a lot of cool concepts and fun ideas, but all of that does not yet feel focused on what this story is really about, yet. We got Shade and Faith, but there still is not anything that is totally gripping to make me want to keep coming back to these characters yet. It desperately needs some kind of focus point storywise and some more character development from here on.


The art in New Men #2, by Dotun Akande, has the same complaints from my review of the first issue. So, I won’t rehash all of that. It still needs more of an individual look and feel. It still feels too static and motionless for the action sequences, and the panel layouts and visual storytelling need more work.

Shade still has a fantastic design to her. I love the way Akande shows off her vast array of weaponry (which needs a lot more explaining, as well). She looks great. There are also some fun action sequences in New Men #2. A great panel of Shade basically “surfing” down on the body of a “New Man” before crashing to the ground is a stand-out sequence in New Men #2.

There just needs to be a lot of work done, from a sequential storytelling standpoint. The story just kind of gets a little muddled in the art and it does not help extenuate the story unfolding in front of us. Also the more digital bland, flat coloring doesn’t help a lot either.


New Men #2 does a good job of getting more development on the character Shade, and builds this world up a bit more. The series still needs more of a focal point and something for readers to latch onto, though. The art, again, has some high points, but it also continues to be too bland in look and layout. It also just needs more sequential storytelling work. Again, I like the idea and concept of New Men. The creators have a lot of talent in them, but there is a lot of refining to still do to this series.

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