Review – Night of the Dragon by Julie Kagawa

Night of the Dragon by Julie Kagawa
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Night of the Dragon is the third and final novel in the Shadow of the Fox Trilogy by Julie Kagawa. It is an epic conclusion, bringing the tale of Yumeko to a close in the most dramatic of fashion.


The End of An Era in Night of the Dragon

Night of the Dragon is Julie Kagawa’s third and final novel in her Shadow of the Fox Trilogy. It is a novel that many fans have eagerly been waiting for, as she has crafted a fantasy world like no other. With the night of the wish coming ever closer, the stakes are higher than ever.

Up until recently, Yumeko was the guardian of the last remaining piece of the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers. That is, until she traded it away in exchange for the lives of her friends. While nobody (mostly) blames her for that decision, the truth of the matter is that now the entire world is at stake. She and her friends must rush against time in order to stop the Lord of Demons before he gets his wish—a wish that will surely end the world as they know it.

Julie Kagawa - Night of the DragonReaders have had two books to become attached to Yumeko and her allies. So knowing the series is going to end here has always been a painful thought. And yet it’s also something we’ve been looking forward to, as closure is vital to any series. Right?


Julie Kagawa‘s story has been enchanting from the very beginning. I personally fell in love with the tale of Yumeko back during the first chapter of Shadow of the Fox. Now, three books in, I was not ready for Night of the Dragon to end.

It was a beautiful read. Night of the Dragon delivered exactly the ending this series deserved, and in a sense, the ending the fans deserved as well. It was poignant and full of emotion, with Yumeko and all of the others fighting with everything they had.

One of the many things I loved about this novel is that it felt like each character had a chance to shine. Given the grand scale of this finale, that is an impressive feat. Yet it also spoke volumes about human (and Kitsune) nature. It was beautifully done.

At the end of the day, I can see how much thought Kagawa put into this novel. Into the whole series, actually. There were elements carried throughout the entire series that came to fruition here, all while other threads were neatly wrapped up. That must have taken so much planning.


Night of the Dragon moved forward at a steady and almost inexorable pace. Or maybe it just felt that way because of the impending conclusion. Either way, there was never time for a dull moment in this novel.

There was this fine balance between action and foreshadowing. More importantly, it seemed like each moment of action increased the tension and scale for the rest of the series. The threats got bigger, the enemies more expansive and powerful. Everything started to feel larger than life. And yet they carried on.

Yumeko and her friends have grown so much over the course of the series, yet it was more obvious in this particular novel. What was more surprising was to see who else grew and progressed over the course of this series. It was refreshing to see those risks being taken and added several layers to the world created.


It’s sad to see Night of the Dragon, and thus Shadow of the Fox, conclude. Yet this was exactly the novel fans and characters alike deserved. This whole story has been an epic telling, full of legends, Yokai, and so much more. Naturally, that means the conclusion has to take that even higher.

What is impressive is that Kagawa did exactly that, all while doing justice to the characters and plot she has created. It was an emotionally powerful read, one that I’ll confess made me cry on more than one occasion. So perhaps set aside some tissues before you tuck into this finale. You won’t regret it.

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