Review: Ninjettes 6

The issue begins right where the original encounter with Jennifer Blood ends. The three Ninjettes are killed by Jennifer Blood before she gets revenge on her uncle. Jennifer should have forgotten about them, but they were connected to some very powerful people. The rest of the issue provides needed background information about tie in events in Jennifer Blood’s 2nd story arc. New information from this issue involves three already established Assassins taking over the Ninjettes brand for themselves. They also tie up a loose end involving a senator and tease a new story arc in the core series.

Readers of Jennifer Blood know who the Ninjettes are. They are a trio of barely 20-year-old wannabe assassins who met an untimely end at the hands of Jennifer Blood. As tragic as it is, this is kind of expected. The Ninjettes did not have their priorities straight. Instead of preparing for battle, two of them shoot the breeze about stuff while the third performed ribbon gymnastics. Being young people, their concern was establishing their brand rather than being good at their chosen profession. They got lucky once and had success thrust upon them. They also paid for it.

It’s sad to say, but the Ninjettes are the least interesting part of their story. There is a story there concerning how the young girls get this high-profile contract, that is far more interesting than the Ninjettes themselves. This tale proves that.

The main problem with the issue is that it feels a bit rushed. There is a lot of information in this issue that could have benefited from an additional issue or two. I feel that it is only done for the sake of some twist ending that was not necessary. The reveal at the end does not really work. It might if it were established better, but it was not.

Also, it does expect you to swallow a lot of coincidences. These three young girls happen to be related to some powerful people, including senators, Blackwater style mercs, former pop singers, and some powerful people in the criminal underworld, and not to pig farmers in the Ukraine. While it does make a sort of sense to write it this way, mercs have a better chance extracting revenge than the pig farmers,  it is also too much to swallow, even through two series of comics. Then again, it might have been more interesting if it were the pig farmers seeking revenge.

Final Verdict: Positive.

In a very depressing series, this one is the least depressing. After the death of the three Ninjettes, the series is now free to write about something else. That alone lift the series up a bit. Everything introduced in the series is wrapped up nicely and it does not contradict established facts in Jennifer Blood. Also, it teases a new story line somewhere down the line for Jennifer Blood.

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