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No One's Rose #1

Writer: Zac Thompson & Emily Horn
Artist: Alberto Alburquerque
Colorist: Raul Angulo
Letterer: Otsmane-Elhaou
Publisher: Vault Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Release Date: March 25, 2020

The Green Zone keeps the final 30,000 humans alive. Renewable energy and a giant tree surrounded by a dome bring life. Outside is death and destruction. Tenn looks to expand the Green Zone while her brother looks to tear it down.



Live in the Green in No One’s Rose #1

The 21st century: the Earth is wrecked from pollution and climate change. All the Earth remains uninhabitable. Humanity has made a dome around giant super-oxygenated tree to live as they try to revive the world. The Green Zone, as it is known, holds humanity’s last refuge. Tenn Gavrilo, a teenage bio-engineer, might have a plan to revive the planet, but her brother has other plans in No One’s Rose #1.


No One's Rose #1 (Vault Comics) main cover by Alberto Jimenez-Alburquerque
No One’s Rose #1 (Vault Comics) main cover by Alberto Jimenez-Alburquerque

I wish I could tell you exactly what is up in No One’s Rose #1, but I am still a bit confused myself. Zac Thompson and Emily Horn drop us into this world and it is a bit confusing. I am not saying they should have done an information dump or anything, but a little more explanation would have been helpful. I felt a bit lost throughout the issue.

The concept is great, though. It is not anything that hasn’t ever been done before, but they put a nice twist on the post-apocalyptic world. I like this society they have built around a giant tree and how everything works with it. I think the characters have a lot of potential, as well. The different dichotomies between Tenn and her brother are interesting, one wanting to help society, the other being a bit more wanting to tear it down.

The writers seem to want to tackle a lot, but it is not well sketched out right now. The characters could have used a bit more time as well. Though the story only focuses on the both of them, by the end of No One’s Rose #1 I still do not feel like we have a firm grip or connection with either one of them. So it was hard to make a connection with either one of them.


The art by Alberto Alburquerque is absolutely fantastic. His design for this world is stunningly well done. The giant tree and plant life that powers the dome is wonderfully visualized through his art. He has a nice angular style that really looks like a mix between Matteo Scalera and Khary Randolph.

His character designs are wonderful, as well. Everyone has a fantastic individual look to them and everyone has their own bit of style and flair. The futuristic clothing design is also tremendously well done. It is nothing way too over-the-top, but it also looks different.

Alburquerque also does some excellent character action/facial expressions and dynamic visualization throughout No One’s Rose #1. The characters’ faces and actions enunciate the story superbly well and his layout and structure of the issue flow nicely.

The colors by Raul Angulo are exceptionally well done. Angulo does a great job of bringing out the vibrancy of “The Green Zone” inside the dome. The plant life has all sorts of lovely blooms and colors. He catches everything so exquisitely well.


No One’s Rose #1 has a lot going for it. The art is beautifully done and is the high point of the issue. There is a lot done, visually, that makes the story worthwhile. The story itself also has a lot going for it. The basic concept is interesting and intriguing. The characters also have a lot of potential, as well.

I think that is the key word here: “potential”. There is a lot of it here in the first issue; storywise, it just doesn’t bring it. It seems there is just something missing, whether it is the pace of the story that just moves a tad bit too quickly, or that the world is a bit too confusing/the explanation doesn’t quite work at the start. And/or the characters just aren’t given enough right now for the reader to latch onto. It is not bad and I want to see where No One’s Rose is going. The start just could have been a bit better than what we are given.

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