Review – Old Man Hawkeye #1 (Marvel Comics)


Clint Barton Avenges The Avengers In Old Man Hawkeye #1

The villains have won, and the Marvel Universe has gone down the drain. Heroes are outlawed and the United States has been divided up amongst the most nefarious characters. It has been 45 years since that fateful day the villains won, and only a few of our heroes survived. Now, they scurry across the land trying to make a living and not drum up too much trouble. Hawkeye has never been good at staying out of trouble and in his old age, it seems to find him. With his eyesight going fast and not much else to lose, he decides it might be time for some revenge in Old Man Hawkeye #1.

Old Man Hawkeye #1 - Cover Art by Marco Checchetto
Old Man Hawkeye #1 – Cover Art by Marco Checchetto

Look, I am not going to act like I did not roll my eyes and sigh when I heard the news about an Old Man Hawkeye comic. I loved the original Old Man Logan mini-series like a lot of people, but I did not need another story set in that universe (Old Man Logan also made it into the Marvel Universe). Well, that is what I thought, but here I am reading Old Man Hawkeye #1 and you know what? It is actually pretty good!

The main draw, at least for me, in this series was to get back in this crazy universe where the villains won. I love seeing what the creators have envisioned for these characters inhabiting this futuristic wasteland. Ethan Sacks seems to know this, as he showcases many Marvel characters throughout Old Man Hawkeye #1 and what they are like in this world. Sacks does a great job of re-introducing us to this universe and starting the story off quickly while setting up the stakes. I like the way he writes Hawkeye also, he is not as goofy or quippy as has been written lately. It is still there, but Ethan gives him a little more serious demeanor that is nice.


The big selling point for Old Man Hawkeye #1 should be the art by Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa. This book is stunning to look at. Chechetto does some amazingly detailed work on every single page. The characters are superbly well drawn; the lines and texture he adds to them are fantastic. Checchetto gets an amazing amount of detail crammed into every page and panel. I love the worn out look and feel to everything, as it sets the mood perfectly for the story. He also does some wonderful panel layouts; breaking the borders and having the scenes flow nicely together.

The coloring is top-notch as well, and Mossa gives everything a dirty feel to it throughout the issue. I love the washed out, faded coloring of the clothes and the overall dark tone Mossa adds to Old Man Hawkeye #1. Mossa and Checchetto work superbly well together and the art is just delightful to look at and gaze over.


I was a little surprised at how much I liked Old Man Hawkeye #1. Maybe it was because I was not expecting much out of it or was not too hyped about it, but it was a fun read. Although, I am still wondering what the real endgame is here? Hawkeye obviously lives at the end. It was a solid start for this twelve issue series. The art is fantastic and, even if you do not like the story, the art is beautiful enough just to stare at for a long time. All in all, Old Man Hawkeye #1 was a good start to a series I never knew I wanted and has me onboard for now.

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