Review – Old Man Hawkeye #2 (Marvel Comics)

One Last Run in Old Man Hawkeye #2

Clint Barton has got one last thing he wants to do before his eyesight is gone in Old Man Hawkeye #2. Previously in Old Man Hawkeye, Clint was taking random jobs and trying to make nice with his daughter. With the revelation that his eyesight is fading and he will be soon left blind, he has one final mission he has to go on. But who is he after and why?

Old Man Hawkeye #2 cover by Marco Checchetto
cover by Marco Checchetto

Things won’t be easy for the aging archer, as he has some enemies on his tail in this futuristic wasteland. In his last fight, he did not take out all the Madrox gang and now the multiplying mutant has combined with the Venom symbiote! They want one thing now, revenge against the archer. That is not all of Hawkeye’s troubles, as the Marshal is on his trail, and that happens to be none other than a cyber-enhanced Bullseye!


I am digging this story so far by Ethan Sacks in Old Man Hawkeye #2. It is a pretty straightforward story being told so far. There have not been too many twists or turns (of course it is only two issues in). Sacks drops in some nice teasers throughout Old Man Hawkeye #2 that has me intrigued with what happened in the past and what it entails for the future of the series.

Sacks also does a fantastic job of playing around in this “Old Man Logan Universe.” He brings in some characters throughout the Marvel Universe and it is always interesting to see what they are like. One of my favorite Bronze Age Ghostrider villains shows up in this issue and it made me incredibly happy. I won’t spoil anything, but I love this character and it is great to see him again.


Once again Marco Checchetto steals the show in Old Man Hawkeye #2 with some incredible art. The characters are beautifully drawn, with some stunning detail. The little folds and notches he puts in clothing are fantastic and I adore his attention to background details. Checchetto brings the world to life with each page and panel. His art draws you into this world and brings the story to life. 

Checchetto is complimented greatly with Andres Mossa’s coloring work on Old Man Hawkeye #2. The colors have this clean/dirty feel to them that complements this “wild west” world perfectly. Mossa makes the world look pretty but not too pretty. The washed-out coloring reminds us that this future is not bright and happy for most people.


Old Man Hawkeye is a wild ride and it is just getting started! Things are heating up for Clint Barton—as his eyesight goes he has one last score to settle and it is not going to be easy. With Madrox, Venom, and Bullseye out to get him, the aging archer is going to need more than luck to stay alive. Ethan Sacks is bringing back the world of Old Man Logan with great new insight and an intriguing story to tell. Checchetto and Mossa continue to be an incredible art team that delivers stunning detail on each and every page!


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