Review – Pariah #1

Hot on the heels of Pariah volume one, Aron Warner’s Pariah #1 (volume 2, tho) kicks off fast and does not slow down. For real tho, In Medias Res doesn’t even begin to describe the way Pariah begins mid-conflict and Dangerous Escalation is the name of the game from there on out.

A lone figure floats in  a spacesuit in orbit around Earth
Aron Warner’s Pariah Vol 2 #1
Words: Philip Gelatt
Art: Brett Weldele
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: 02.26.2014
Numbers: 9/10

Hijinks and critical-systems failures ensue.

Pariah is the story of a group of super-gifted young people called Vitros that have been rounded up probably for their own good but really to subdue the fears of the less-than-gifted masses that hate and fear them. If you need to play catch-up, check out the sweet Pariah website, containing info on characters from Volume 1 as well as videos, chapter previews and other rad stuff.

At the helm of this blockbuster-in-the-making is Aron Warner, best known for his work as a producer on such hits as Tank Girl, Antz and all the Shreks. Scripting credits go to Philip Gelatt and the artwork is masterfully done by Brett Weldele. This book has some serious talent behind it. The storytelling is immediately intriguing and provides a steady stream of one-uppery that sets the groundwork for a series bursting at the seams with high-stakes dramatic conflict resolution.

So good.

This first issue of Pariah is told through the perspective of Herman Toulane, a Vitro that voluntarily joined this merry band of misfits and is now sweating his decision and situation along with the rest of the crew of the SS Floating Death Trap. Toulane’s inner-narrative is fast-paced yet runs deep enough to create almost-immediate investment in the characters and their life-threatening maintenance issues.

Brett Weldele’s artwork in Pariah has an almost animated quality to it and that is no surprise with  Warner taking point on the book. Pariah ‘s color palette jumps back and forth between a collection of muted blue/greys and vibrant, bright oranges, yellows and whites. The use of light and it’s influence on color is strategic and yet Pariah’s artwork still carries a rough and gritty quality. Pariah is as great to look at as it is to read.

Pariah #1 is a solid book from cover to cover and is good to go even for readers unfamiliar with the first volume of the series. This issue is definitely a great jumping on point and getting caught up shouldn’t be hard since there are only four issues in the first volume.

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