Review – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23 (BOOM! Studios)

Becoming One of the Sheeple in Power Rangers #23

It all starts when Rita Repulsa returns to her destroyed home in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23. On top of that, the Rangers are in trouble when Sheeple rears its conspiracy-spouting head. All while Grace tries to deal with a potential outbreak in Vancouver in a situation only the Rangers can help with. Once there to confront the situation, Billy stumbles into another one that he was not expecting at all.


Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #23 - Cover Art by Jamal Campbell
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #23 – Cover Art by Jamal Campbell

Kyle Higgins has written a story that is accessible to readers new and old. Having not read an issue of Power Rangers in quite a while, I was expecting to be completely lost. Easy to follow, it is clear that this issue is part of a larger story, but is easily able to stand on its own. Higgins takes the time to show us why the Rangers work so well together, and individually. In this issue, Billy gets the chance to shine, which is fine with me as he is my favorite Ranger. 

We are also introduced to what has to be one of the best monsters in Power Rangers lore, Sheeple. Sheeple screams about things like, “Only one Olsen!”, referring to the Olsen twins. He even loves to quote the flat-earthers and sounds off on the Kennedy assassination. There is a lot of fun in this monster, and it was an absolute home-run for me.


The artwork is another highlight of this issue. The illustrator, Jonas Scharf, did a majority of the inking in this issue but had some help on a few pages. The inks on those pages were almost seamless. The pages on which Jagdish Kumar contributed seemed to have more background detail in them. Otherwise, the style of art absolutely matches the tone and energy of the book. The fight scenes were kinetic, and the talking head scenes moved at a great pace. The coloring was a bit muted for my liking but still looked great. It is like they are trying to match the color tone of the movie with the art of the television series. A great mash-up for sure, but still not expected for the material they are mining from.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23 is a textbook example of how a single issue comic should be written. Higgins clearly has a larger story in mind but has written it for someone who is new to the party. We get to see why the Rangers are special together and apart. We get to see why the monsters Rita creates can be memorable. There are new characters introduced that I would love to get to know more about. We get to see why the Power Rangers matter.

The only real gripe I have about this issue is that the cover is misleading. The cover leads you to believe there is an epic Mega-Zord battle within the pages of the comic, but this isn’t the case. There isn’t a single Mega-Zord appearance. This doesn’t really detract from the book, but it is misleading. In the end, this is definitely a book I would like to jump back on and see where it goes. Couple that with some fantastic artwork, and you have a book that is worth checking out. 


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