Review – Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 (BOOM! Studios)

Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1
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Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Dan Mora
Colorist: Raúl Angulo
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release Date: July 22, 2020

With Lord Drakkon gone, no longer under his mind control, the Ranger Slayer returns to her universe, but when she tries to make things right, will anybody trust her? Enemies must come together to fight a new, horrific threat!


“Slayer” Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1

Well, the band is back together in Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1. By that, I mean Ryan Parrott, Dan Mora, Raúl Angulo, and Ed Dukeshire, the team behind the first 12 issues of Go! Go! Power Rangers, are at it once again for this one-shot issue. I absolutely adored Go! Go! Power Rangers and those first 12 issues were absolutely terrific. The rest of the series is good, but those first twelve were the cream of the crop for me! So, obviously, I was excited for this issue.

Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 (BOOM! Studios) variant cover by Goni Montes
Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 (BOOM! Studios) variant cover by Goni Montes

So, Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 follows Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger, from an alternate universe once led by Lord Drakkon. No longer under Drakkon’s mind control, she returns home. But to the rebels, she is a villain, one that betrayed and hunted them down. Now that she is trying to help, will they trust her? A new villain arises that will make enemies come together. A shocking conclusion that you can’t miss out on!


I have been out of the loop of Power Rangers for a while. I noted in reviewing Go! Go! Power Rangers that I am not really a Power Rangers “fan”; it is mainly just childhood nostalgia for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I have no clue about any other Ranger stuff, nor really care. I read some of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, which was good, but Parrott really caught my eye with the Go! Go! comic book series as he got more detailed with ’90s Power Rangers. He brought such great characterizations to them that I started following him as a writer.

The last issue I reviewed and read was issue #21 of Go! Go! Power Rangers, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. After that, I dropped off. But I am back again for this one-shot issue in Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1. Parrott does a wonderful job in this issue and packs a lot in. Since I really only read Go! Go! and a little of Mighty Morphin I am not super familiar with this “coinless” alternate dimension world. I know a little, but obviously haven’t followed along (I didn’t know Lord Drakkon was defeated). But no worries as Parrott seamlessly transitions the reader into this universe. He delivers the basics for you to enjoy this story no matter what.

I really knew nothing about these alternate universe characters besides the Ranger Slayer and I was still captivated by all the characters in Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1. Parrott details them so well—their thoughts and struggles within. He tells a captivating story and gets you invested in these characters and world straight away. It is really fantastic work from Parrott to get you so invested in this world so fast.


If you read my reviews you know Dan Mora is one of my favorite artists, from Klaus, Once and Future, and everything else. If his name is on it, I am checking it out. I knew this alternate universe had some fantastic character designs and I was excited to see Mora draw them once again. He does not disappoint in Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1. That Ranger Slayer costume continues to look phenomenal and Lord Drakkon’s warriors with the different Ranger armor are just delightful. Mora captures it all perfectly. Oh, and how have I missed Mora depicting some giant Zord battles! He catches them superbly well, once again.

Mora does everything exquisitely well, from character design, emotions, to page and panel set up. Wonderful angles; he catches and depicts action and movement perfectly. The issue is filled from page to page with visual splendor from Mora. Raúl Angulo also brings his A-game to the coloring in Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1.

Angulo might the best colorist to team with Mora. He does so well mixing a brightness and darkness to the book. It fits so wonderfully with what the story is doing. Ed Dukeshire is one of my favorite letterers. Usually, you only notice letterers if they do a bad job or an extremely good job. Which kind of sucks for them, but Ed Dukeshire always does an extremely good job and I just love what he does with some creative lettering work in this one-shot issue. He is a key element to what makes this creative team so great to me.


Obviously I loved Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 one-shot. One of my favorite creative teams comes back together and completely delivers a fantastic issue. Parrott brings you right into the story and makes you care for all these characters and their problems within a few pages. The story is captivating, and what a surprising ending. Visually, you really can’t ask for more than what is delivered by Mora, Angulo, and Dukeshire.

If you are a Power Rangers fan you absolutely need to buy this. I will go out on a limb and say even if you don’t care about Power Rangers you could still read and enjoy this. I don’t really care much about the “franchise” of Power Rangers but this issue made me want more! I know they recently announced some new ongoing Power Rangers books, but this needs to be an ongoing. The story woven within the 42 pages is fantastic and I want more of this universe! I guess some of the highest praise for a one-shot issue is that it tells a captivating, developed story with a solid beginning, middle, and end that leaves you satisfied, but also wishing and hoping for more at the same time.

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