Review- Powerpuff Girls # 7

The Power Puff Girls # 7
Story and art by Derek Charm
Published by IDW Comics
Rating: 10/10

The City of Townsville. Now it looks like a quiet town where three little girls are impressing their dad by doing science. Professor Utonium is proud of them and shows them his new invention, but they find out an ancient test is something else.

Is Townsville doomed? Are the Powerpuff Girls giving up?

The Powerpuff Girls are not only powerful and pretty, they are also very intelligent. Its nice to see them doing science even if Bubbles always seems a little behind. If you think about it, she is just more soft and thoughtful than her sisters. Buttercup is a a typical badass that forgets that fighting is not always the solution. Blossom is the leader, the pretty girl with lots of brains that can be overconfident about her decisions. Bubbles loves life, fights when necessary, backs up her sisters’ decisions if she thinks they are ok and she might seem slow but she just sees thing differently, like Jess from New Girl or one of my best friends that used to sing us a “Hello Sun” song every time we opened the bookstore ( we hated it).

In the spirit of Bubbles being a balance between fighting everything and the voice that drives The Powerpuff Girls as a group, we can question if heroes can give up when the situation is impossible. Every Wednesday superheroes trash cities in their big battles ( I always say people in the DC and Marvel universes must have great but expensive insurance policies for superhero related accidents), our  favorite adult heroes either win the battles or they die for a couple of issues and they reappear with a very good explanation on why they actually did not die and at the end, nothing happens to them and the city, even if trashed, gets over it and everyone is happy until next story arc. But our little heroes here have more thoughts. The people are getting hurt by falling buildings,  they are tired, getting sloppy and there is no one else to help them. What should they do? Maybe we’ll see refreshed and powerful Powerpuff Girls next issue, maybe they will have a magical fix like every other superhero comic or maybe they are trying to say something with it. We mortals lose sometimes and we have to deal with the consequences, fix what we can and keep going.


Powerpuff Girls # 7, the power in letting go? I really want to see where this is going.

About the author

Ani Gonzalez

Anixa loves her dogs more than people and she reads too many comics to be normal. Lovecraftian, Star Wars fan, Ringer but a lil Tolkienist too, Batman manic, Gears of War addict , Borderlands 2 is her second home, Locke and key, Saga, Adventure Time, Futurama, all books and her dream is to be a Hogwarts teacher. She does has a life besides geekery but she prefers to stay in her bubble.

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