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Punisher: Kill Krew #1
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Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Juan Ferreyra 
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 14, 2019

The War of the Realms has ended but the battle wages on for Frank Castle and now he has made a promise to avenge those who have lost loved ones. No Realm is safe from the Punisher!


“All You Need Is Kill…” Punisher: Kill Krew #1

War of the Realms has come and gone from the Marvel Universe. But the battle is not over for Frank Castle, the Punisher. In his fight against all sorts of otherworldly creatures, he tried to save the Jones family, but only successfully saved the father. Now he made a promise to Mr. Jones: to avenge his family and kill the Frost Giant, Kasyckla, who took them from him. Problems arise when Kasyckla escapes back to his realm and Mr. Jones comes across orphans whose families have been killed by other creatures as well. It seems the Punisher’s vengeance list just got bigger. It is time to lock and load as the Punisher brings his style of payback across the Realms in Punisher: Kill Krew #1 (of 5).


Punisher Kill Krew #1( Marvel Comics) cover art by Tony Moore
Punisher Kill Krew #1( Marvel Comics) cover art by Tony Moore

I think most people agree that Frank Castle works better most of the time separated from the major Marvel Universe. His stories seem to work better fighting mob bosses and drug cartels and mainly very street level/”real” threats. Besides crossing over with Daredevil at times, he works best separated from the “capes”. Noted that is most of the time. Punisher: Kill Krew #1 (of 5) is one of those times that Frank crosses over to the weirder side of the Marvel Universe, and it works wonderfully well!

Gerry Duggan does a great job of getting right into the story in this first issue. There is a little setup and basically, we are off to the races. He keeps the story grounded enough for the Punisher to not feel too out of place. Yet it is just goofy enough to be a ton of fun as well. Duggan does a fantastic job with that balancing act. He keeps it serious, yet the book is a ton of fun as well.

Again, I really enjoyed the pacing by Duggan. He doesn’t waste any time or pages. He gets the story rolling and everything flows together nicely. It is a really great issue. Even if you are not up to date with the War of the Realms event, you can grab this issue and feel right at home.


Juan Ferreyra handles all the art duties on Punisher: Kill Krew #1. At the beginning of the issue, I was a little worried. Ferreyra is a good artist but it is not my favorite style. The start of the issue also had some very dark colorations that didn’t seem to fit well. But after those first few pages the colors brighten up enormously and the art really grew on me from there. Ferreyra’s art style is a little hard to pin down. It looks realistic, yet kind of cartoony and animated at the same time. At times it feels a little stiff and rigid, and on other pages and panels, it has great flow and movement.

His coloring is a little different as well. It is a little flatter and darker; it almost has a chalkiness to it. There is almost a sense of “texture” across the pages and panels.

He does some great things with panel structure and perspective throughout Punisher: Kill Krew #1. For instance, there is a great little panel of one of the orphans handing Frank a picture of the creature that killed his family. The perspective is from the first-person view of Frank with the kid handing the paper to him. It looks like the paper is coming right of the page. It is great little change up and really interesting visual in the book. There are all kinds of scenes like this throughout.


Punisher: Kill Krew #1 (of 5) is probably not a book anybody is going to rave about. But, man, is it some good comic book reading fun. It has that nice balance of silly yet still serious (check out the cover for issue #2) that Duggan does perfectly. The art is all-around solid and Ferreyra has some great creature designs that I can’t wait to see more of. If you are having a little bit of a light week or need a little “pick me up” then pick up this issue for just a fun time.

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